Here’s a Sneak Peek of Jason Fernández in ‘Strange Way of Life’ Film

Jason Fernández is included in the cast of Pedro Almodóvar’s upcoming queer Western short film ‘Strange Way of Life.’

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The highly anticipated short is the Spanish filmmaker’s “answer” to ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ and here’s a sneak peek of Fernández with co-star José Condessa:

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Aside from acting, the 28-year-old Spanish actor seems to be a pro at serving thirst traps as well, and one of his reels is more than enough proof. On the caption, he expressed about how one can benefit from the beauties of nature, writing:

“Nature: Heals, recharges, is art, shows imperfection and perfection, is simple, silent, talks to you, listens, is relieving, unique, caring, fragrant, makes you laugh, cry, feel, remember, forget… nature, to me, is life. Sometimes it’s all you need.”

The rock formations and body of water in the background of the reel is indeed beautiful. However, one could not focus on that when Fernández is posing like that while glistening wet under the sun!


Here’s the video of the VIEW to see for yourself: 😉

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Moreover, ‘Strange Way of Life’ is set to premiere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. In the meantime, here’s the recently released trailer to see more of Fernández’s role in the short film:


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  1. Damn, are any of these hot boys starring in this movie gay? With how sexy they all are I would guess they’re gay bcuz what a waste to be straight lol


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