Here’s How Kit Connor Is Linked to the ‘Doctor Who’ Universe

We all know Kit Connor for his portrayal of Nick Nelson in Netflix’s hit LGBTQ+ series ‘Heartstopper’, which is based on English author Alice Oseman’s best-selling graphic novels.

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Prior to that, however, the 19-year-old English actor has worked on several movies and television shows, including his very first acting credit — ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’, which is a docudrama in 2013.


Connor did a small cameo in the biographical film, and the revamped version of it was aired last week on BBC Four. A lot of fans were able to spot the actor in ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’, where he played the role of a young boy named Charlie.

At the time, the ‘Heartstopper’ star was only 8 years old, and he looks so adorable in the ‘Doctor Who’ biopic. According to PinkNews, ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ “was released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who'”, and it “is a dramatized version of how the beloved British sci-fi series came to be.”

Here’s a screenshot of 8-year-old Connor’s adorable cameo in ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’:

(c) An Adventure in Space and Time / Doctor Who via Twitter: @WhovianLife

Meanwhile, fans are quite surprised and equally very excited to see Connor in the biographical film.

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(c) Twitter: @WhovianLife
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Moreover, the first out of three ‘Doctor Who’ 60th anniversary specials was aired on BBC One on November 25, and the second one is set to air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on December 2.


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