Here’s Ryan Reynolds in a Pair of Grey Sweats. Enjoy.

Oh Ryan Reynolds, you just keep us coming back for more.

The uber studly movie star (soon to be seen in the sequel to Deadpool) decided to stay in kickass shape and paid a visit to the gym recently.

His ensemble? All grey, including grey sweats, which left very little to the imagination.  The photo, which plays on the humorous side, involves him pretending to send an email out to his mother without him realizing he actually doesn't have a phone in his hands.

Except we aren't really looking at his hands.  Oh, and sidenote: is that tasting session with the three Chris' (Hemsworth, Pratt, Evans) ever going to happen?  For more info on that, click here. And see below for Ryan's own "Deadpool", except we hope it's not really, um, dead.


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