Here’s What We Know About the Upcoming ‘The Last of Us’ Season 2

HBO’s hit series, ‘The Last of Us,’ is officially returning for a second season, and we’re spilling some info on what’s in store for the show.

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The upcoming season is expected to cover the original game’s sequel, The Last of Us Part II. One of the show’s creators, Craig Mazin, shared in a January 2023 interview with Collider that the game’s second installment would probably, “take us more than a season to tell.”


However, both Mazin and fellow creator Neil Druckmann have made it clear that the series adaptation will never go beyond the original game’s narrative.

“Our ambition is to tell the story that exists, as best as we can, in a different medium. This will be as many seasons as required to reach that ending, and no more,” Druckmann stated.

As for the cast, both Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal are expected to return in Season 2. Moreover, the creators of the show are currently working on pre-production. In a February interview with Collider, Pascal said “there is a chance” that they will begin filming for the next season before the end of 2023.


Talking about the renewal of the post-apocalyptic series, Ramsey expressed:

“It still feels surreal to me that it’s going to go again. I don’t want to go into it comparing it to the experience of the first season.”

In an interview with ET, the actress also admitted that she doesn’t know much about what the show’s creators are planning for Season 2.

“Who knows what’s going to happen in season 2? I actually don’t know… I still don’t know what they’re hatching up,” Ramsey stated.

In the meantime, the highly anticipated finale of ‘The Last of Us’ Season 1 is set to air on March 12 at 9:00 p.m. ET, 6:00 p.m. PT and 8:00 p.m. CT on HBO. It will also be available for streaming on HBO Max simultaneously.


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