Here’s What You Need to Know About Bradley Cooper’s ‘Maestro’

Bradley Cooper has an upcoming passion project titled ‘Maestro’, which is a biopic about American conductor Leonard Bernstein’s life.

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Bernstein was the first American conductor to receive international acclaim, making him one of the most important conductors of his time. During his career, he was honored with multiple awards, including seven Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards and sixteen Grammy Awards, among others.


Not to mention, Bernstein, who passed away at age 72 back on October 14, 1990, had a complex life, which will be explored in the film ‘Maestro’. Cooper is starring as the acclaimed conductor in the biopic, which he is also directing.

Aside, from the ‘A Star is Born’ actor, the cast of ‘Maestro’ also includes Carey Mulligan and Matt Bomer. According to desimartini:

“The film promises to explore the complexity of Bernstein’s life, including his sexual relationships with men, a fact that came to light after his death.”

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That being said, Mulligan is playing the role of Bernstein’s wife, Felicia Montealegre. Meanwhile, Bomer is starring as one of the late conductor’s lovers who is clarinet player with whom he reportedly had a brief relationship with.

Moreover, ‘Maestro’ is set to premiere in this year’s Venice Film Festival, and it will also be released on Netflix this fall. In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of Cooper and Bomer’s passionate kiss in the film here:


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  1. It’s sad when people can’t be openly gay and feel the need to marry the opposite sex to appear ‘normal’ 🙁

    I read this about his wife :

    Felicia knew what she was getting into when they married but, helpless in her adoration, went ahead anyway.

    “You are a homosexual and may never change,” she wrote him the year they wed, in a letter her children found after her death. “I am willing to accept you as you are …” And so she did, as long as Bernstein kept his dalliances discreet.

    Alas, he didn’t always. After he left her to run off with a young male lover, Jamie Bernstein tells us, her mother cursed him: “May you die a lonely old queen.”


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