Here’s Why Nicholas Galitzine Has the Internet Falling for His Charms

Nicholas Galitzine has done a range of portrayals throughout the years in his acting career, and he has also been on a roll with landing hit projects lately.

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After the success of his 2022 musical romance film ‘Purple Hearts’, he then played the role of the ever so charming Prince Henry in the movie adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’.

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The Prime Video film is a huge access, breaking a lot of records, and having viewers fall for the male leads’ royal romance. We also get to see the 28-year-old British actor in the recently released comedy film ‘Bottoms’, where he is playing a much different role from both ‘Purple Hearts’ and ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’.

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Not to mention, he is portraying another queer character in the upcoming historical drama series ‘Mary & George’. Galitzine is playing the role of George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, who is also known as the “lover” of King James I of England.

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Moreover, he is set for another big screen appearance as Anne Hathaway’s much younger boyfriend in the upcoming film ‘The Idea Of You’. See what what we mean by range and on a role? 

Because of his undeniable charm and talent, not only in acting, but also in singing and modeling, the actor has captured the hearts and attention of more people, which we’re absolutely here for! <3

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However, way before achieving his Hollywood heartthrob status, he previously told The Last Magazine that he used to be a shy boy growing up.

“I was very gun shy at first because the idea of performing just terrified me.

I was always a bit of an introvert and a shy kid so the idea of performing was terrifying, but I had just graduated school and it was a fun summer holiday plan, so I auditioned for it,” Galitzine shared about auditioning for a play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


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