Here’s Why ‘The Acolyte’s Manny Jacinto Has Fans Thirsting for More

Manny Jacinto showed off his toned abs and fit physique in Episode 6 of ‘The Acolyte’, and the internet is left thirsting for more.


SPOILER incoming…

The 36-year-old Filipino-Canadian actor is playing the role of Qimir, who was previously revealed to be the Sith villain in the series. In Episode 5, he expressed that he wanted his own apprentice, an “Acolyte”, and in Episode 6, he attempted to seduce Amandla Stenberg’s Osha to join him in the dark side.

Let’s just say Jacinto’s charisma worked on the viewers, as some of them are willing to go over to the dark side because of the actor’s fit bod. 

“if Manny Jacinto looked at me like that whilst saying the word “desire” I would simply dissolve into atoms & become one with the force,” an X (formerly Twitter) user admitted.


“manny jacinto as a villain is truly the best casting I have ever seen ever. the power this has on me… I am literally going to be unbearable for six months,” another user expressed.

“once upon a time one brave woman named leslye asked ‘what if star wars were allowed to be as horny as possible for the dark side without apologizing for it?’ and that was when manny jacinto as qimir was born, true story!,” a user also wrote.




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