Here’s Your Bucket Of Homophobes That Are In The News Today

Homophobia is an ugly thing, especially when people cannot see they are being homophobic, or they try to blame it on someone else and still think they are in the right.  Here are three losers this week in the battle for their soul: NASA, no longer professor Thomas Brennan, and Republican Representative (state level) Dick Marsten.  Let’s start with DICK!

Debating a bill that would eliminate the “Gay Panic Defense” in New Hampshire, Rep Dick Marston referred to LGBTQ people as having a “deviant sexuality.” The proposed bill would dictate that if a defendant was charged with murder and stated they were under the influence of extreme mental or emotional disturbance caused by extreme provocation, the provocation to could not include “discovery of, knowledge about, or potential disclosure of the victim’s actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, sex, or sexual orientation.”  Basically, I killed the person because I was threatened by their sexuality could no longer be a defense tactic.

Dick Marsten (screen shot from Manchester Public Television video)

Good ol’ Dick, I mean Republican (shocker) Representative Marsten argued the state Constitution already protects all citizens and stated that this new bill would “carve-out” more rights for LGBTQ residents. He stated:

“We refer to people as gay or ‘LBGs’ or so on and so forth, and we want to carve them out and say they got special privileges. Our Constitution of New Hampshire as I understand it covers everybody to begin with. And we only a number of years ago amended our Constitution about discrimination towards somebody. We don’t want to do that. But I’m just saying, we don’t want to have special privileges for special people.”

Then he rolled out the “sexual deviants” statements. 

“We’re all the same breed. We’re all the same people. If you kill somebody you should be charged for murder, and you should be tried on it, and there’s no way in heck that you’re going to be able to say, ‘Well because he or she was some deviant sexuality that I’m not–,’”


And then he was cut off by Rep. Daryl Abbas, the chairman of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. Marsten continued asking the committee, “What is LGBT?”  No idea where that mouthful was going to go, Abbas adjourned the committee. 

The problem (one of many) with Marsten is he is just not aware of all the cases where Gay Panic Defense has been used. We are sure it would be used in so many cases of the killing of transgender citizens.  And maybe it is that Marsten doesn’t believe it is a viable defense, but it has worked, or maybe he believes there are no gays in New Hampshire. 

Marsten, it is happening, protections are needed, and the bill needs to pass.  Dick, do the right thing, but first, never talk about us like that again. 


Ferris State Facebook Cover

Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan finally did the right thing on Thursday of last week when they fired a physics professor that was on administrative leave since November for posting antisemitic, racist, and homophobic comments on Twitter.

 Here is one recap of his tweets:


Thomas Brennan, tweeted on Saturday: “I’ve been officially fired from Ferris.”  And are we supposed to feel bad?

But of course all of those tweets were not his fault.  Why may you ask?  Well, as an intelligent physics professor he knows about things AND he was a victim himself because of knowing things.

Brennan, who once tweeted that COVID-19 “is another Jewish revolution,” according to screenshots obtained by The Torch, wrote in a statement on Feb. 15 that he was “acting out and speaking out of despair caused by a personal crisis involving extremely painful migraines, emf sensitivity and a series of repeated break-ins into my home.”

He said he believed that he was “a targeted individual. I am one of thousands of Americans from all walks of life who claim to be victims of a secret program that harasses people, breaks into their homes, and uses emf along with bio, neuro or nano-technologies to poison and torture their targets.”


In the letter, Brennan further said, “I love and respect Jews just as I do all races, and I pray for Israel, just as I pray for America,” he wrote. “The entire world has fallen under the spell of a satanic, globalist elite. Their end goal is a technocratic, one-world government, where everyone, Jew and gentile, will be microchipped and tracked 24/7.”

Someone has been standing too close to the Van de Graaff generator for too long. 


Remember the Lavender Scare? In a nut shell, it was like the Red Scare where the US government and McCarthy tried to weed out all the Communists involved in American government.  It was a horrid mess with false accusations and show trials.  Now , just picture that with LGBT people instead of alleged Communists.


NASA apparently does not remember or does not know all of their staff’s personal history, or has chosen to overlook some past transgressions of its scientists in order to honor them with accolades. 

James Webb (image from

The James Webb Space Telescope has been called “the next Hubble.”  It will be the telescope will be the largest, most powerful, and complex space telescope ever and will be launched later this year.

Astronomers Sarah Tuttle and Lucianne Walkowicz and physicist Chanda Prescod-Weinstein have been urging NASA to go back and do a little research on Webb’s past before rolling out a masterpiece with his name on it.


Webb was one of the big names that guided NASA through much of the Cold War era, oversaw the Apollo program, and also helped purge LGBT citizens from government work.  Beat the Russians and kick out the gays, sounds like ‘Merika. 

When he joined NASA in 1961, he became responsible for implementing them.  Tuttle, Walkowicz, and Predscod-Weinstein pointed out that from his beginnings in NASA in 1961, Webb was responsible for creating and enacting policies for NASA.  Did he create the policies or was he just complicit like everyone else? well, the buck has to stop somewhere. But the buck may have started with him, too.

The scientists also point to archival evidence uncovered by astronomer Adrian Lucy, which suggests Webb was actively involved in Senate discussions that kicked off what’s known today as the Lavender Scare.

He is specifically named in confidential memos regarding “the problem of homosexuals and sex perverts,” indicating that he was working as “a facilitator of homophobic policy discussions with members of the Senate”, the trio say. –

Will NASA do the right thing or will they just science their way out of this moral dilemma? We shall have to wait and see. 


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