He’s Gay, Cute, And Running For Senate … But He’s A Republican.


Are you a straight ticket voter?  Do you vote all Democratic?  All Republican? All Gay?

When it comes to politics, some are divided right down party lines. They only vote for one political party and that is it.  But what happens when a candidate is gay and and from the other party?  Should you disregard party lines and vote for the gay?

Chrys Kefalas, an openly gay Republican, announced Tuesday he is running for the seat Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., will vacate next year.

The 36-year-old candidate shared his intentions with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren, noting his work as speechwriter for former Attorney General Eric Holder and present employment as vice president for the National Association of Manufacturers. He said he was motivated to run after Md. Gov. Larry Hogan won last year's state election.

In November, Kefalas and local radio host Tommy McFly announced their engagement to the public after six months of keeping the secret, saying they did not want the news to interfere with his launching a Senate bid exploratory committee or his partner's on-air image.

Kefalas joins an already crowded GOP primary field with four other hopefuls. On the Democratic side, three current members of Congress — Reps. Donna Edwards and Chris Van Hollen — are fighting for the nomination.

A Baltimore Sun poll conducted last month indicated 59 percent of likely GOP voters were undecided on which candidate they would support, making Kefalas a contender in the race despite his late entrance.

The Senate seat is rated Safe Democrat by the Rothenberg and Gonzales Political Report.

"Customer service is what Marylanders expect from my family's restaurant. It's time we demand the same from our elected leaders," said Chrys Kefalas. – washingtonexaminer.com

So what do we know about him?  He's a Republican and since most LGBT-ers are Democrtats, that immediately means we cannot vote for him. But he's gay!  So that means we have to vote for him, yes? 

Maine almost had the first elected openly gay governor in the nation, but in talking with friends back home, they said he just wasn't ready.  Yes, he was gay as well as a Democrat, but that wasn't reason enough to vote him in.  The race was down to a Republican, a Democrat, and a third party candidate. Voters realized they needed a stronger candidate to hold that office. There are more reasons why Mike Michaud did not get the nod from constituents in the last election to hold the Maine Governor's position, but many said he needed to be a stronger candidate overall.

Chrys, we wish you the best.  We'll be keeping an eye on the campaign.  It may be great to have another LGBT-er in national politics, but what is more important is that you are the right person overall for the job, not just because you are a friend of Dorothy.  I have no idea what you stand for and that is the point of this blog.  All we know is the labels that have been placed upon you, cute, gay, and republican and those labels should not be enough to know to vote for you or not.  Do the right thing Maryland.  No matter what labels, know what he stands for and go from there.

And if you have an issue with me saying he's cute … It is true, we shouldn't have mentioned cute. No one ever mentioned how good looking Kennedy, Edwards, O'Malley, Clinton, Schock , even Obama were.  Looks never sway votes.

H.T.  washingtonexaminer.com

42 thoughts on “He’s Gay, Cute, And Running For Senate … But He’s A Republican.”

  1. He’s not gonna win that seat

    He's not gonna win that seat its considered strong democrat for Mikulski's replacement.  The democrats need to retake the senate so his good looks won't be enough to win this one.

  2. I don’t vote Democrat because

    I don't vote Democrat because I'm not a socialist/communist.  We gays can be so self centered, hateful, and don't understand how the Democrats eat away at our civil rights.  While Republicans aren't perfect, they will protect our freedoms from left wing fascist. I'll stop here and wait for all the loving responses to my post.   

  3. I don’t vote Democrat because

    I don't vote Democrat because I'm not a socialist/communist.  One issue voters are so immature, self absorbed.   He will get my gay vote.

  4. So WHY is he a Republican? To

    So WHY is he a Republican? To want to be part of a party that advocates for one's negation is inherently self-destructive. Until the party completely changes its incredibly hostile platform on gay rights, the mental health of any openly gay member of the Republican party is questionable. (the closeted gay Republicans are dangerous). Let the argument begin.

  5. You had to use the word “BUT”

    You had to use the word "BUT" in the title? He's all those things, AND he's Republican, intelligent, and well-spoken.

  6. You know the Republicans LOVE
    You know the Republicans LOVE it. They love the fact that he’s gay as much as they love the fact that Ben Carson is black. They’ll say: we don’t care what you are, it’s about your values, but they fuckin LOVE. IT.

  7. A gay republican makes as

    A gay republican makes as much sense as a Jewish Nazi or a black KKK member!  I don't care who he sleeps with… I would NEVER vote republican!

  8. sorry- cant vote for gay

    sorry- cant vote for gay repubs or gay friendly repubs- voting in that one may be the one that gives the party a majority- with that majority, they control the committees and direction of the legislature- Boehner sat on ENDA refusing to even bring it to a vote- that's the power of the majority. Until the party is gay supportive, you can't vote for any of them!

  9. I support him as a gay man,

    I support him as a gay man, regardless of his political affiliation ! Unfortunately I would never vote for him ( or any other republican for that matter )

  10. voting for a candidate based

    voting for a candidate based on their arty affilliation or their sexual orientation or the color of their skin is themost closed minded & stupidist thing and the reason that e have the shitty government that we currently do.  Voters need to pay attention and understand what the candidate stands when iomes to issues.  That is how I decid who I am voing for an I ndidate based on that and nothing else and since I live in Maryland, I may end up voting for Chrys or I may not.

  11. I generally do not vote

    I generally do not vote Republican, and since I live in Massachusetts, most Republicans would be moderate Democrats in other parts of the country. My major criticism with Democrats is that you have to agree with their point of view on every issue, especially if you want to be elected, and if you don't, you're  an un-enlightened idiot. Right wing Republicans are no better, and in some cases dangerous. We need dialogue, not ideologies, so I might vote for a Republican if I agreed with his/her position on key issues. Regarding looks, I'm liking Martin O'Malley over Hillary and Bernie, though I'm not expecting him to win, but I find Marco Rubio cute, but he's not getting my vote. I also find Paul Ryan handsome, but he didn't get my vote in 2012.

    • Being gay and republican I

      Being gay and republican I guess he should be the first in line for the mass execution. It's the republican thing to do. Just ask Ted Cruz, Mike Huckaby or Bobby Jindal.

  12. As a young gay male, and one

    As a young gay male, and one with conservative values.. I hope the gay community can stop shaming fellow gays simply for being conservative.

    I often times find it harder to be a gay republican than being a republican who is gay. Our community is notorious for tearing each other down. How about we start with headlines like "He's gay, cute, and running for senate… AND he's a republican…" or better yet.. "He's smart, savvy, and has the best interests of eveyone at heart. Kefala is a member of the gay cummunity and a republican who wants to serve Maryland."


    • I have one word for young,

      I have one word for young, gay males that vote Republican and uphold conservatism: STUPID!    You go against everything I stand for.  People like you are more dangerous than straight Republicans.   You are right in our communities.   I can't stand people like you.   You can kiss my liberal Irish-American…you know what.

      • Oh shut the hell up you

        Oh shut the hell up you imbecile. You're what's wrong with the gay community. People are allowed to have their own opinions and we have intelligent reasons for having them. If you vote democrat simply because they like you, you need to grow the hell up. There are more important problems in this world right now like the economy and terrorism and some of us find that more important than being liked by politicians. This is life, not a popularity contest. Grow up!

        • Why so butthurt? The people

          Why so butthurt? The people you vote for say a lot worse about you. The fact that you think it's about "being liked" is pathetic.

          • NOT butthurt. I’m sick of

            NOT butthurt. I'm sick of fellow guys voting for this TRASH…people like this Chrys Kefala….A moron like Paul Ryan.   He has no sense, and no intelligence. A lot of the gay community is about youth and beauty.  I'm SICK OF IT.   GAY REPUBLICAN is a contradiction in terms…..like my friend said, it's like a black person joining the Klan.   It's not about me voting Democratic (or anything else that is NOT REPUBLICAN)….it's about me NOT electing the idiots that are opposed to everything I stand for.  You're goddamned right I'm MAD. 

        • MAKE ME!  You gonna fight me?

          MAKE ME!  You gonna fight me? You don't even know me!   I'm foursquare against ANY Repbulican in office.   I don't vote Democrat all the time and I DON'T care who likes me.   I am a loner.   I don't even GO OUT in the gay community because the ones I have met are a bunch of shallow, insensitive jerks.   And furthermore douche, Republicans are who SENT US TO WAR…..Your beloved George W. Bush.   Don't tell me to grow up.  You pay my bills and then maybe we'll talk!

        • Really, you think only

          Really, you think only Republican assholes are entitled to an opinion, and Sean H isn't entitled to his?

          So tell me, how can one not be stupid to support a party that wants to treat them as a second class citizen?  Perhaps if they're a masochist?

      • And to use Patrick Barrett’s

        And to use Patrick Barrett's word: BUTTHURT.   HOW MANY stupid STUPID STUPID gay "Republicans" were crying when Mitt Romney lost the presidency?  I remember that….. I saw these rich douches with their rich kids crying when someone that represented minorities and the poor emerged victorious. 

  13. Him being gay is irrelevant

    Him being gay is irrelevant if he would support a Senate Majority leader who is anti-gay.  In other words, he may be gay, but if he is going to vote for Mitch McConnell for Majority Leader, and McConnell is going to block discussion on any pro-gay legislation, then he is still part of the problem.

    • EXACTLY. This is part of my

      EXACTLY. This is part of my point, but these gays  on here are calling me an imbecile.   That is uncalled for and like I said, they can kiss my….***

  14. This article couldn’t be more

    This article couldn't be more hypocritical and condescending. As a gay man, a moderate minded individual, and a voter of both parties at times, I am not a special interest group for anyone to label how I should or should not vote. Just goes to show that 'liberal' media is not exempt from being bigoted.

    • Are you saying the blog is

      Are you saying the blog is condescending because I am saying people will judge him on his cuteness, his republicanism, or his gayness?  If you don't think that will happen, go back to the comments on Facebook or here.  As I stated, find out what he stands for and see if he is a good candidate, then vote. Don't base it on party, sexuality or looks.  I do not think my blog was bigoted at all. 

  15. Voting should be based on who
    Voting should be based on who you believe is the best canidate based on their record and if you share their political views/agenda etc or most of them. Voting should never be based only if candidate is Republican, Democrat, etc, Gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, what your union tells you, what your church tells you, what your family tells you etc.
    People need to research all candidates and make an somewhat educated decision. Not a just because candidate is “_________”….

  16. They tried the gay Republican

    They tried the gay Republican thing back in the late 70s/early 80s with the LOG CABIN REPUBLICAN GROUP. Pretty much mocked as "traitors" they also attempted to push the party to be more inclusive to the rights of conservative gays. Instead the party swung more extreme right, embraced Evangelical Christianity under Reagan and marginalized the LOG CABIN group. Sort of the exact opposite of their goal. So in 1992 they voted to NOT support George W. Bush. You can imagine that by now, there isn't going to be ANY respect from the party toward gay issues. Kind of a lost battle. Good luck to this kid…he's David taking on Goliath.

  17. The day that I vote for a

    The day that I vote for a Republican, let alone a gay Republican, is the same day that hell freezes over.

    • If you’re voting because of

      If you're voting because of the party and not because of the best candidate for the job and how they cover all areas of politics, you're the problem. Please don't vote and save this country from further peril. 

      • I’m NOT voting because of

        I'm NOT voting because of party lines.   The reason I don't vote Republican is because nothing any one of them says makes a rat's ass bit of sense.   And they care about the rich & corporations, and the NRA among other things.   People are homeless & drowning under student debt.  Do they care?  Hell no..

    • Can I like this , Sam?  It

      Can I like this , Sam?  It summed up my thoughts.   I don't vote along party lines so you jerks need to stop putting words in my mouth.   UGH, this is worse than a bunch of women at a tea party…


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