He’s Gay, Cute, And Running For Senate … But He’s A Republican.


Are you a straight ticket voter?  Do you vote all Democratic?  All Republican? All Gay?

When it comes to politics, some are divided right down party lines. They only vote for one political party and that is it.  But what happens when a candidate is gay and and from the other party?  Should you disregard party lines and vote for the gay?

Chrys Kefalas, an openly gay Republican, announced Tuesday he is running for the seat Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., will vacate next year.

The 36-year-old candidate shared his intentions with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren, noting his work as speechwriter for former Attorney General Eric Holder and present employment as vice president for the National Association of Manufacturers. He said he was motivated to run after Md. Gov. Larry Hogan won last year's state election.

In November, Kefalas and local radio host Tommy McFly announced their engagement to the public after six months of keeping the secret, saying they did not want the news to interfere with his launching a Senate bid exploratory committee or his partner's on-air image.

Kefalas joins an already crowded GOP primary field with four other hopefuls. On the Democratic side, three current members of Congress — Reps. Donna Edwards and Chris Van Hollen — are fighting for the nomination.

A Baltimore Sun poll conducted last month indicated 59 percent of likely GOP voters were undecided on which candidate they would support, making Kefalas a contender in the race despite his late entrance.

The Senate seat is rated Safe Democrat by the Rothenberg and Gonzales Political Report.

"Customer service is what Marylanders expect from my family's restaurant. It's time we demand the same from our elected leaders," said Chrys Kefalas. – washingtonexaminer.com

So what do we know about him?  He's a Republican and since most LGBT-ers are Democrtats, that immediately means we cannot vote for him. But he's gay!  So that means we have to vote for him, yes? 

Maine almost had the first elected openly gay governor in the nation, but in talking with friends back home, they said he just wasn't ready.  Yes, he was gay as well as a Democrat, but that wasn't reason enough to vote him in.  The race was down to a Republican, a Democrat, and a third party candidate. Voters realized they needed a stronger candidate to hold that office. There are more reasons why Mike Michaud did not get the nod from constituents in the last election to hold the Maine Governor's position, but many said he needed to be a stronger candidate overall.

Chrys, we wish you the best.  We'll be keeping an eye on the campaign.  It may be great to have another LGBT-er in national politics, but what is more important is that you are the right person overall for the job, not just because you are a friend of Dorothy.  I have no idea what you stand for and that is the point of this blog.  All we know is the labels that have been placed upon you, cute, gay, and republican and those labels should not be enough to know to vote for you or not.  Do the right thing Maryland.  No matter what labels, know what he stands for and go from there.

And if you have an issue with me saying he's cute … It is true, we shouldn't have mentioned cute. No one ever mentioned how good looking Kennedy, Edwards, O'Malley, Clinton, Schock , even Obama were.  Looks never sway votes.

H.T.  washingtonexaminer.com

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