He’s Got Rockstar Cred, But Is Tommy Lee Becoming An Exhibitionist?

Do we expect anything else from a legendary Rock and Roll star? Tommy Lee took it upon himself to remind everyone that there’s nothing small about him, testicles included. In a peculiar, yet not really shocking tweet — Mr. Lee decided to remind us just how big his cojones are.


In a post captioned “I’ll bring the NUTZ,” the Mötley Crüe drummer decided to display his big nuts instead of his big penis this go-round. He seemingly tried to capture the attention of the “Mr. Peanut” brand by saying the two should collaborate, since they have something in common. Them obviously being a big nuts brand, and well… Mr. Lee having strangely big nuts himself. The raunchy pic features Lee’s ass and his sack drooping, take a look here to see it for yourself.

The 60-year-old rock legend also followed up with an Instagram post, with what some are saying as an gay ally post. The post was a selfie of Lee with an embedded caption, “Slept six hours straight last night. Then one hour gay,” followed by a [rainbow] emoji. Listen, Steven Tyler once said he lived such a hard Rock and Roll life that even he doesn’t remember who he slept with. So I’m not putting anything pass another rockstar.


This obviously isn’t the first time that Tommy Lee has shared his nudity with the public. He once took to Instagram, claiming that he didn’t realize his massive penis was captured in the pic. But even that wasn’t the first time that we saw (one of the reasons) why the iconic Pamela Anderson fell in love with him. In the light of Anderson’s Netflix biopic documentary, the world was once again reminded of their infamous (and now heavily replicated) sex tape. You can take a look at one of his many leaked dick pics here… and here.

What do you think of Tommy Lee’s latest post and antics? I guess it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

Source: Page Six

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