Hey Qween! is Serving Gay Extravaganza and the World is Watching

Netflix just got a whole lot gayer! You’ll be gagged to find out that YouTube’s hit talk shows Hey Qween! and Look at Huh have been added to the Netflix catalog—just in time to celebrate the queer holidays! Hosted by the “Gay Pimp” himself, Jonny McGovern and the fierce diva Lady Red Couture, Hey Qween! and Look at Huh have hit Netflix with revamped and beautified episodes from Season Five of their YouTube show.


The show takes you into the exciting lives of queer quests from a wide variety of the LGBTQ+ rainbow. From the world of RuPaul’s Drag Race to YouTube and social media, Hey Qween! and Look at Huh dive deeper into the celebration of queer artists. Now with this new platform on Netflix streaming these shows will reach a greater audience, introducing the world to glitz, the glitter, and the gay while they kiki, spill some T, and throw some shade.



Season One on Netflix (Season 5 on YouTube) includes iconic guests like: Alaska Thunderfuck, Trixie & Katya, The Boulet Brothers Dragula Reunion, Jinkx Monsoon, Robbie Turner (sans Uber driver), Dita Von Teese, Trevor Moran, Manila Luzon, Mariah Paris Balenciaga, Kingsley, Ginger Minj, and more!


What started off as Jonny McGovern’s desire to share queer narratives has fanned out (get it?) into an explosion of pink pop culture ready to take the world by storm.




I spoke with Jonny McGovern about this monumental transition for Hey Qween! and Look at Huh where he shared his excitement.


Congratulations on getting Hey Qween on Netflix. What does that mean for the show?

Jonny McGovern:

It’s just so excited to have picked up a show that started with literally me interviewing guests on a futon at a card table with a sparkle curtain in Season One to have grow to this point where not only are we are on TV in Canada and other places, but now we’re streaming on Netflix. It’s just unbelievable. It’s exciting to see how the interest in gay culture and how the people who are OUR stars have now opened up to a much wider audience. It’s great to be part of that wave.

What does that mean for LGBTQ+ media?


A lot of things that were OURS best kept secrets and things that Hollywood poo-pooed us for actually have much wider appeal. I pitched Hey Qween! many times and no one really got the concept so much that I just had to make the show myself. It’s really exciting to see that the things that people told us would never be mainstream actually has wide appeal. Hey Qween is the gayest talk show of all time and it’s huge to see that Netflix believes enough in that type of show.

How long has the process been to get score a slot on Netflix’s catalog?

We had been working with a distribution company that had pitched it to Netflix and they liked it. It’s been seven years, but being acquired by Netflix happened in a quick manner. We took everything that had been web content and polished it up and made it the very best.

Will the show be changing in any way moving forward?


The show has gotten better and prettier and we’ve gotten better at making the show as the years have gone by. We always want to make it as good as we can and we’re a small operation. It’s amazing that we literally have a staff of 5 people making this all happen.

Will fans still be able to watch new shows on YouTube?

Season Five is on Netflix and we are still releasing our new episodes on YouTube. We just released our Christmas specials. Our Very Green Christmas, our weed themed extravaganza with Laganja Estranja as well as a holiday special of Look at Huh! We’re still producing the shows everyone enjoys on YouTube.


Can you share who you have in store for upcoming guests?

We’re just in the planning stages of Season Seven, but we will have BenDeLaCreme as our Season Seven premiere guest. We book things on the fly because we don’t have a budget to fly people in, but when they’re in town we get them into our little pink box and milk them for all their gay sparkle.

Catch all the seasons of Hey Qween! and Look at Huh on YouTube and relive all the death-dropping moments. Season Five of Hey Qween! and Look at Huh are now streaming on Netflix—you better login and getchusome!

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