HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” Couple A Couple No More After Altercation

After the Today Show, our household TV gets turned over to HGTV.  At night, it's where we go for entertainment and ideas and warm voices in the home. 

Two of the best shows in our mind and reflected in the ratings are "Fixer Upper" and "Flip or Flop."  It was interesting to post a blog on the Gaineses (Can Chip And Joanna Fix This Argument Like They Do Homes?) in regard to are they homophobic or is their church.  Some of the comments were that it really didn't matter, Chip's gay anyway, they never have a gay couple so sure they are, and the like. Well, we all have our opinions.

Now another HGVT family is in the news but for different and more clear reasons.



The reports say they are working through things, but the kids are their focus.  Many other reports are saying the show has a backlog of episodes and they may continue filming new ones.

It's hard to see these people whom you let into your home daily go through problems like this, but the incident was 6 months ago and they have not done anything publicly embarrassing since the gun issue.

We wish the family the best of luck. Only our best thoughts go out to Tarek and Christina and their two children.



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