Hide & Seek, Super-Heros, And Sauna Time

Sharing some favorite Instagram posts this week beginning with Austin Wolf who wants to play hide and seek in Puerto Vallarta.

Okkar Min Maung has a hat and he’s not afraid to wear it:

Michael Hamm can serve up some serious super-hero supersuit:

Brock Yurich took his first selfie in his new home in LA:

Tom Daley’s latest knitting creation – willy warmers!

Jeff Ribeiroo was a vision in purple:

THAI unleashed his inner leather man:

Luke Calip loves the sauna after a workout:

Photographer Gabriel Gastelum modeled some new fashion for his own camera:

Maluma had a desert adventure in Dubai:

Diego Barros was feeling his musical Moulin Rouge moment in Paris:

Cat dad ChrisFromOrtho was a slave to the paw:

Shomari Francis is going hard this month:

Ignacio Pérez Rey & Pepê Oliveira communed with nature:

And Curtis Fitzgerald makes even this view that much better:

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