High Low Podcast Has Diplo Discussing Sexuality, We’re Still Confused

Oh look, a celebrity being vague about their sexuality and not putting a label on it.  A good chunk of us are in the camp of “if it walks like a duck” while others are BRAVO! NO LABELS! Where do you fall? Let’s try to decipher what Thomas Wesley has to say. 


Diplo, international DJ and now international man of sexual mystery, spent some time partly opening up on the podcast High Low with EmRata, hosted by Emily Ratajkowski.

Thomas Wesley or Diplo as most people know him is a DJ and music producer and yes, the first cis white male I have had on the podcast! Today, we talk about getting older, his relationship to the internet and even a bit about his sexuality.

Let’s cut to the chase on this one as Ratajkowski did when she loaded up one of Diplo’s sexual comments as the opening sound bite of her High Low Podcast. And what was that sound bite? He’s “not, not gay” and that he’s had a blowjob from a guy before.  


The 44-year-old DJ and producer brings back the debate of getting or giving and does one or the other make you or the act G.A.Y.? 

Dear lordt. Does this remind you of too many fbs where, hey, if no kissing happens, that means the straight boy covered inside and out with another man’s bodily fluids is not gay, not at all, not even a little. Duck duck duck.

But why label pleasure? Well, because we do. But I guess if we don’t want to label as “just ducky” behavior, then we don’t have to. We could just label the sex act itself as gay sex or man on man sex without labeling the parties involved as being gay. I guess it would be like if I decide to throw away my Gold Star status and do the nasty with a cis female and her vagina instead of a mangina, pussy instead of mussy (those words are so comical), I would not be officially straight, but just had a romp in the hay hetero-style. Using Diplo logic, if I did not make eye contact, I definitely would NOT be straight. 


The whole sexual part of the Diplo and Emily conversation starts at about 17:20 minutes into the podcast where Diplo discusses the fluidity and expression on social media and the videos that pop up on his “For You” page of men chopping wood. 

Diplo states, “The wood-chopping guys are kinda sexy. I mean they’re hot guys, but I don’t know if that’s going to be the thing that’s going to set me over into the gay side totally.”




The podcast gets into Diplo talking about the heavy cocaine use he witnessed growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and him attending Porn shoots and hard core orgy scenes with cattle prods and gimps. That was a fun and interesting tangent. Lots of that me thinks still goes on in Southern Florida.

And then it gets back to Diplo’s “gayness” around 21:20

“I don’t want to define that I’m gay but I think the best answer I have is I’m not, not gay,” 


Opening up, he does talk about life partners that he could have a life with that are men, but he’s not sexually aroused by men. 

“Yeah, for sure, getting a blow job is not that gay, I think.”


Does that sounds kind of like a closeted straight man explanation? But pair that with everything else he’s said, we’re just confused. “I’m more of a vibe guy,” he states, “rather than focusing on gender.”

All in all, thanks Diplo for just talking about it, not defining it, running with it. Yes, I took a snarky slant at what did or did not come to light because of this High Low podcast, but I am thinking maybe that was the intent of the podcast itself. To be a little vague, not mysterious, but cloudy with a chance of balls against your chin. 

I am not sure what camp I am in when it comes to defining or not defining, labeling or not, coming out or staying in. It is so personal. We always celebrate those that find the truth that is theirs and if they wish to share it with the world for all to know, CONGRATS! It’s up to the individual to figure out what they like, what the like putting in what, or not liking anything at all, and if they share that information with others. Diplo decided to share some of what he likes, what he’s done, and maybe, at 44, he doesn’t fully know or even care to define himself. It was fun and comical, a little arousing, and still vague. And leading with that sound bite, that was a great move, Emily. It drew us into a discussion that was overall positive, thought provoking, and, just like a drag show, no one got hurt. 

But we’re still wondering about that “no eye contact” comment.

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Source: High Low with EmRata

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