High School Athlete Wears Crop Top To Protest Sexist Dress Codes

Phil Rodriguez, a Senior water polo player at Hueneme High School in California, conducted a social experiment to prove that dress codes policies at his school are more strict on girls than on the boys. To prove his point, Phil went to school in an off-the-shoulder crop top, which is prohibited at his and most schools because it shows too much skin.

Phil shared the photo the night prior to the experiment and gave his fellow classmates a heads up.

According to Phil, the way he was dressed got some attention, but really had no repercussions. By 3rd period, he has just received suggestions that he put something on over his body.

By 6th period, Phil hadn't been stopped, hadn't been sent to the principal's office, hadn't received any type of infraction for showing off too much skin.

In fact, according to Yahoo Lifestyle, Phil received more positive feedback what he was wearing.

He plans to try it again and invite other classmates to join in to see the type of message they can get across.

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