Hilarious Web Series ‘Bad Boy’ Shares Love Of ‘The Gilmore Girls’

The ‘Bad Boy’ is back with a new video!


In May, Instinct shared the hilarious short film, “Bad Boy Comes Out,” and our readers really seem to take to the adventures of ‘Daddy Scott’ (writer/director/producer Artie O’Daly) and quirky bad boy ‘Mack’ (Tony Harth, who co-produces).

It seems as though Mack continually has some ‘daddy issues,’ but Scott may or may not be down for the role.

Plus, while Mack always has an interesting take on reality, he is forever cute in his dorky way.

In this new episode, upon hearing of Mack’s love for the TV series The Gilmore Girls, Scott invites a neighbor, who happened to have been a star on the show, to drop by.


Mack almost loses his cool, but pulls himself together in hopes of meeting one of his favorite TV stars.

It turns out the actress is Vanessa Marano, who actually played the polarizing character of ‘April Nardini’ on the show. Apparently, she’s used to not being one of ‘the popular ones.’

And then, things get, well, Mack-y.

It turns out Mack has a less-than-positive view of Vanessa, who he can’t seem to distinguish from her TV character.


Watch “Bad Boy & the Gilmore Girl” below. And you can check out all of the Bad Boy videos here.



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