Hilary Duff Reminds Us “Don’t Say Gay” Is “So Yesterday!”


Longtime LGBTQ ally Hilary Duff once again steps up and proves why she is so beloved by fans. The Come Clean singer recreated her iconic 2008 That’s So Gay PSA, this time on TikTok. 


The Lizzie McGuire star partnered with Pentatonix member Scott Hoying and his fiancé Mark Manio this time around. In the original PSA two teenage girls were the “culprits.” 

“You know you really shouldn’t say that…Well, say that something is gay when it’s bad. It’s insulting.”


“What if every time something was bad, everybody said ‘ugh that’s so girl wearing a skirt as a top?’ Those are cute jeans though.”

The Daily Beast echoed our thoughts in praising Duff calling her “the first LGBTQ superhero” saying, “let us not forget when Hilary Duff told us it’s not cool to call things ‘gay’ as an insult.”



Fans have flooded social media praising Duff for ending homophobia, again. Her 23 million Instagram and Tik Tok followers – 23 million you forgot how HUGE she was back in the day…and today hello Younger!! – love and adore her.


This is everything. OMG” -anthonygargiula

“I am crying the way you just ended homophobia again with legendary Duff” -Alexandergold

“Hilary ended homophobia and we thank her for that” -parkthatcar

“An icon a legend she is the moment” -ruvaletitbe

Check out the original 2008 PSA below! Happy weekend Instincters. 

Sources: The Daily Beast

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