Hillary Clinton Makes Her First Visit To “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen”

It’s rare that a celebrity guest sits down one on one with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, and Cher, Gaga, Oprah, and Celine are several of the one named luminaries that have had the privilege of joining him in the Clubhouse for an intimate chat. 

“Hillary” can now be added to the list, as People broke the news yesterday that former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton will be joining Cohen. This is the first time that first woman to lead a presidential ticket will visit Cohen on his famed Bravo chatfest. 



“I’m pouring my fanciest tequila for Secretary Clinton, and look forward to making this a totally unique experience for her, and us,” host Andy Cohen, 51, tells PEOPLE in a statement. Secretary Clinton herself has plenty to chat about with Cohen. She visits the talk show the night before her four-part documentary Hillary premieres on Hulu, which is a deep dive on her entire life, from her humble beginnings in Chicago to her presidential run. She also is launching an as yet unnamed podcast (co-produced by IHeartMedia, and it will feature guests from the world of politics, world leaders, and celebrity. The podcast is poised to launch right ahead of the Democratic National Convention this summer & the 2020 Presidential election in November. 

While we wait for Secretary Clinton to join Andy in the Clubhouse, take a peek at the some of the best moments with one of his most famed one on one’s, with talk show titan Oprah Winfrey. 


“Watch What Happens Live” airs nightly on Bravo (check local listings)

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