Hillary Slams Ted Cruz For Abandoning His Dog In Freezing Texas

Hillary Clinton – James Corden Show screen grab/ Pixabay/ Ted Cruz, KTRX video screen grab

Anyone who has been following Hillary Clinton on Twitter – post the 2016 election knows that she is now, full-on in the ‘Zero F–ks’ stage of life when it’s time to call people out. Her clapbacks on Twitter are awesomely biting, though not quite as savage as Twitter-slayer Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, but still thrilling in the most Clinton-esque way imaginable. 

Not all of Clinton’s tweets are in response to detractors, though. Some are just perfect oneliners, even sometimes only one word, as she engages in threads where she’s mentioned and tagged. One of my personal favorites was back in 2019, as Donald Trump’s debauchery escalated, CNN commentator Bakari Sellers sent out a tweet, asking,


“Do y’all ever sit back and think about how much @HillaryClinton was actually right about?” 

With a single word, Hillary herself chimed in: “Occasionally.”

The latest Clinton-Clapback comes on the heels of the Ted Cruz scandal, in which he and his wife were busted fleeing the winter storm in Texas and sneaking off to the sunny beaches of Mexico. That choice would be regrettable, as almost instantly fellow airline passengers outed Cruz. Multiple people tweeted pics of the Texas Senator boarding a plane en route to abandoning his constituents, many of whom were starving, lacking heat, food, fresh drinking water, and shelter. 

Cruz quickly realized he had gone viral within minutes, being called out by the masses for his hypocrisy and fleeing during a natural disaster. He also got backlash for traveling in the first place for recreational purposes against CDC suggested guidelines. Cruz quickly booked a flight back home the next day and returned to Texas, where protestors met him in front of his home. The press was there too, wanting answers, to which Cruz gave four different stories, all lies. He even initially blamed his young daughters, claiming they wanted to go to Cancun with friends, and “like a good father,” he accompanied them. Cruz claimed he was going to drop them off and then return to Texas. 


Harder explained though was why he had such a large suitcase? And why the plane’s public manifesto revealed his return was initially scheduled four days later. Making matters worse, the New York Times then got ahold of text messages from Cruz’s wife that show her coordinating to flee Texas as soon as early Wednesday at the storm’s onslaught. Her messages revealed she tried to coax her neighbors to join the Cruzes for a stint at the Four Seasons de Cancun, Wednesday through Sunday, for just $309 per night (they were running a discount special). Heidi cited the freezing weather and power loss throughout Houston’s city as the reason for their planned escape getaway. Millions of less fortunate Texans – many of whom voted for Ted Cruz to be their Senator, didn’t have such an option. 

As it seemed Ted and Heidi Cruz could not possibly be perceivably more hideous as people, the duo sank even further. According to People,

On Thursday, an Intelligencer reporter went to Cruz’s Houston neighborhood to verify that his street had lost power. Upon the reporter’s discovery was the family’s small white poodle, named Snowflake, which had been left at the residence, which Heidi Cruz, the senator’s wife, had told friends was “FREEZING” earlier this week in texts obtained by The New York Times.

That’s right, they left behind their dog, Snowflake, in the freezing house, not knowing if the power would be restored or not in their absence. When asked by the press about this accusation, the Cruzes claimed they had asked a security guard stationed at their home to “take care” of the dog while they were away. 


Nobody could ever indeed verify this story, so the public will have to take the security guards’ word for it. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, doesn’t seem convinced as she took to Twitter with the following blistering tweet:

“Don’t vote for anyone you wouldn’t trust with your dog.”  

Ted Cruz is up for re-election in 2024, so Texans, you’ve been warned, yet AGAIN.

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