Hit Web Series East Siders Needs $50K To Produce It’s Final Season

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The gay web series EastSiders is coming to a close with its final season, but it needs your help to get the job done.


A new kickstarter campaign has popped up to help fundraise the end of the popular series, and it’s already doing very well.

The series created by and starring Mad Men actor Kit Williamson follows his character Cal as he goes through a breakup with his boyfriend Thom (played by Van Hansis). As the show expanded, so too did the world within and the ensemble of characters who lived in it. The series then explored gay themes like falling out of and in love, gay sex culture, partying, careers, travel, and more.

The series has been so popular and well-received that it was nominated for eight Daytime Emmy Awards.


Now with it’s final season over the horizon, Williamson and the rest of the creative team are looking for some financial backing to help produce the final act.

Thankfully, they’ve already received nearly half of the money they’re looking for. With their goal of $100,000 in the horizon, the kickstarter has earned $48,867 as of the time of this article’s publishing.

If you’re a fan of EastSiders and want to see the final season come to fruition in the best form possible, consider backing it on Kickstarter.

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