Hit With A Divorce, Then A Pandemic, Jeremy Ryan Threw His Own Dance Party

Jeremy Ryan dancing by himself (screen capture)

What do you do when you’re a fabulous creative artist hit with 2 devastating events in the course of just a year?

You create in order to keep from losing your mind. And that’s just what photographer/director/lighting & set designer Jeremy Ryan did.


In the past year, Ryan’s husband left him, and then the coronavirus pandemic hit and the world erupted.

To cope with the bad hand that life has dealt him lately – and to keep busy during self-isolation – he rolled up his sleeves, got to work, and did what he does best: CREATE!

“Art has been my saving grace,” says Ryan. “My therapy. My path to healing. My gateway to vulnerability. I’m finding new ways to express it every day.”

Pouring his heart and soul into self-expression, Ryan posted these videos, the fruits of his labor, on YouTube. It’s important to point out that everything you see was created by Jeremy by himself – set design, build, lighting, videography…everything.


Before going on, hit the play button, and just let it unfold before you.

This writer received these videos thinking it would be a new recording artist. What I got was a whooooole lot better 🙂

Sharing that disco-tastic dream vision on Facebook, Ryan wrote, “Just me dancing alone in my loft having my own dance party.”


But wait! There’s more!

“What do you do when you’re stuck in quarantine alone for weeks in your loft that’s also your studio with tons of gear?” asks Ryan. “Well, you set up a stage, slap on some heels and program a stage light sequence and dance your heart out to Celine.”

Ryan’s unabashed, unfiltered joy here is undeniably irresistible.


When not dancing in the dark with himself, Ryan’s work as a creative director includes artists like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Emily West, Jamie Lynn Spears, Chingy, Keb Mo, Kelsey Ballerini, and more.

If you click over to his website, you can check out his amazing portfolio of work.

You can follow Jeremy Ryan on Instagram here, and on YouTube here.

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