HIV+ Man Infects Boyfriend and Others–Then Brags About It

 You date a guy for a year, he tells you he's HIV-negative, you believe him because you're in love, then you learn from a Facebook posting your "boyfriend" is bragging about deliberately infecting people, including you, with his "positive load."

Nightmare? Nope, real life. Because that's what happened to a guy in San Diego. He claims that's exactly what his boyfriend, Thomas Guerra, 29, did.

“I don’t even know who I was living with,” the man, whose identity has not been disclosed, said. “I don’t know who I had fallen in love with. There are many people who are being hurt and could potentially still be hurt. It needs to stop.”

Guerra, also known as Ashton Chavez, is a landscape architect. He's now being charged by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office for willfully exposing himself to another person with HIV, a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of six months and $1,000 fine.

After his accuser got the Facebook message from one of Guerra's ex-boyfriends warning him about Guerra, the accuser soon learned he was HIV-positive. He also claims to have found shocking text messages on Guerra’s phone, bragging to his friends about infecting people.

“Texts where he’s stating he’s negative to people then bragging to others about giving people his ‘positive load.’ It’s crude, it’s… I don’t know how someone could treat another individual like that,” he said.



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