Holcomb ‘Republicans Hate Homosexuals’ & He’s Proud Of It

Florida State Representative Jeff Holcomb (myfloridahouse.gov)
When they show you who they truly are, believe them.
That is what we need to remember when we look at Florida Republican lawmaker State Rep. Jeff Holcomb, poster child for circumcisions gone wrong.  If only you could put the skin back as well as the morals that were driven out of him from drinking the Republican’t kool-aid.
Earlier this week, in the state where morality freedom and rainbows go to die, Hol-I don’t need a-comb embraced his and his party’s hatred of LGBTQ people, which brought forth audible and visible gasps from those around him.
Holcomb used his time on Monday on the State House floor to throw his support against the wall to see if it stuck for a bill that was anti-woke.  ‘Nuff said for any bill to pass.  With little ronnie desantis (no caps needed) being so anti-woke, the rest of the nation just sees it as being pro-stupid, just mention a bill is anti-woke, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-diversity, they’ll all pass with flying colors.
This current bill being talked about by mouth-breather Holcomb was a bill to pressure Congress to eliminate any “woke social engineering and experimentation practices” they may be using or plan to use in the United States Military. The bill has issues with the military’s opposition to racism in the workplace… ummmm ok apparently Florida Republicans are in favor of racism in the workplace? The bill also denounces that openly LGBTQ+ Americans are allowed to serve in the military, which only happened because the country is now woke and this has bled into the military’s policies. Equality Florida says this bill, Senate Bill 1382, is a “deeply offensive” piece of legislation which opposes LGBTQ+ members serving in the US military and “questions their skill and devalues their dedication because of their minority status.”
His speech he had to read, unless he miss some of the hate that’s in his veins included:

“Isis, the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda, those are the folks who discriminate. We bombed a building in 2017 like we never usually do. We bombed it because they threw homosexuals off that building.”

“Our terrorist enemies hate homosexuals more than we do. They’re the ones who discriminate.”

Did you gasp when you read that?   You’re not alone.  Here’s a video of Holcomb’s vile words, a video shared by openly gay former State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith


You saw and heard the gasps.  But what can be done since the Florida government is controlled by little phallus heads and a thigh-food eating governor. The republican hate train is steam rolling over all non white christian citizen’s rights and has no problem shouting from the engine “We Hate Homosexuals”.

“Our terrorist enemies hate homosexuals more than we do. They’re the ones who discriminate.”  Go find your Jesus, sit down with him, and talk about what discrimination is. He will just give you a copy of all of your laws since DeathSatan took office for his second term. You’re all just vile. 

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