Hollywood Creatives Are Working On Another Live-Action He-Man

He-Man / Image via NBCUniversal Television Distribution and Mattel

Is another live-action He-Man in the making?

According to Variety, a film adaption of the popular children’s cartoon from the 1980s is in the works.

Rumor has it that Art Macrum and Matt Holloway, of the Men in Black franchise, are working to write up a first draft of the film. In addition, brother team Adam and Aaron Nee have signed on to direct.

The movie will be a live action and film version of the 1980s cartoon created to sell the Mattel toy line. This wouldn't be the first however, as a cult-classic film from 1987 called "Masters of the Universe" already exists. As of this moment, nothing else is officially known about the story of this new film.

But as Consequence of Sound writes:

“As of now, it’s unclear whether they’ll be rewriting David S. Goyer’s original script, who remains a producer. Goyer isn’t exactly known for comedy like Marcum and Holloway, so it’s likely they wanted to go in a more tongue-in-cheek direction. It worked for Warner Bros., whose similarly fantastical Aquaman has shored up nearly a billion dollars for the studio. If Sony wants to do that, they’d be wise to try and conjure up some of that meta-comedy that made their Jump Street movies such a success.”

“Channing Tatum as He-Man anyone?”

That last bit was more request and wishful thinking than news reporting. No actors’ names have been officially attached to the film yet.

But if you could cast He-Man, who would you pick? Let us known down in the comments below.

h/t: Variety, Consequences of Sound

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