Holy Hypocrisy and Cowardice, Batman! DC Comics Censors Bruce’s Lil’ Wayne.

Holy disappointment, Batman! As we previously reported, DC Comics’ Black Label made serious waves earlier this week by publishing a comic with full-frontal Bruce Wayne nudity.


The move was received with unanimous praise. Female characters have been over-sexualized in comics since forever, and seeing Bruce’s lil’ Wayne was harmless at worst, progressive and hot at best.

But now, DC has backtracked. According to The Hollywood Reporter,”a source close to the project” says according to the studio, “the nudity did not add to the story and would be removed in future printings.”

Sure, but the decades and decades’ worth of barely-there female costumes and booty shots were crucial to your exquisite storytelling. Please.

Anyway, now all 115,000 printed copies of the first Batman: Damned are hardcore collectors items; they’ve vanished from store shelves around the world.


Big Bang Comics in Dublin, Ireland announced a one-copy-per-customer limit because of “unprecedented demand.”

Many on social media are expressing themselves, including gays who, for one day at least, suddenly were interested in comic books:

“Just called my local comic shop to reserve a copy of the book with BATMAN’S PENIS and he muttered under his breath ‘this is ridiculous’ and I am so glad I get to annoy a straight person AND see Bruce Wayne’s peener in the same day.”

All future printings of this comic will be censored. The digital versions were already censored.

This whole thing wreaks of a publicity stunt. I had certainly never heard of DC’s Black Label comics until a couple days ago—had you?


So I guess this means those of us who never read comics to begin with can go back to not reading comics? As we were, then.

h/t: The Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian

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