‘Home and Away’ Alum Lukas Radovich Speaks Up About His Sexuality

‘Home and Away’ alum Lukas Radovich recently opened up about his sexuality in an interview with Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

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“I definitely think when I was in my young twenties, I was still discovering myself and that now I feel comfortable enough to be able to talk about it,” the 28-year-old Australian actor shared.


He continued,

“The last five years have been quite a big journey for me; one, because of the show, but also too coming into my own sense of self, just being comfortable I guess.”

Radovich came out as gay to his family and friends prior to joining ‘Home and Away’ six years ago. 

“I am quite a shy person by nature, quite introverted, so it takes a while for me to warm up to talking about things. And then after that it just wasn’t an issue,” he further expressed.


Moreover, the actor has been in a relationship with professional men’s netballer, Liam Forcadilla, for three years now. According to him,

“[Liam] is actually the first person I introduced [to] my parents; that was my way of telling them.”

(c) Instagram: @lukas.radovich

As for ‘Home and Away,’ Radovich played the role of Ryder Jackson until 2022. After his exit from the show, the actor shared a goodbye message, writing:

“What an incredible ride. I can’t really express how the last 5 years has felt or impacted my life so I’ll keep it short. I’ll miss the job, but most importantly I’ll miss the people.”

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