Hometown Sex For The Holidays?

Hometown Sex For The Holidays?

Do You Hookup With The High School Hottie On Holiday Break?

The Holiday season is almost here! Christmastime – if you’re a Trumpette. Regardless, the Holidays are arguably my favorite time of year. I’m originally from the Midwest but have ran away from our aggressive winters to sunny California. For the last four years, I’ve been enjoying Christmas day surrounded by friends who have become family among flip flops and tank tops. This year, however, I’m making a trek home to the Windy City – minus a winter coat – to celebrate in the snow.

Going back to one’s hometown is usually an unforgettable experience. More memories are made with forever friends and family members. Stories are exchanged as you compare paths with those you’ve once spent the best days of your life with. Aside from all the cheesy moments you’re about to have, you must have one particular person you’re more than excited to see. Come on, you know him – it’s your hookup from high school – or your hometown in general. It’s almost like going back to an ex, except you never shared the same emotional connection that you have with a knight in shining armor. It’s a fun, quick catchup of bodies which you could do without, but it wouldn’t seem like a trip home without slipping under someone who makes you feel comfortable. But, I beg the question: Should you be looking forward to your Hometown Hookup?

There are times that I almost think I shouldn’t – my confidence has given me an occasional ego that believes I’m above those in my hometown. I’m not – I know this – but shouldn’t I be better than to succumb to my hometown hookup? I’m single, so I’m not cheating on anyone but myself. Yet, time and time again, I tell myself I won’t run back to someone with such low ambition and who I more than likely wouldn’t talk to in my typical adult life. Without fail, I end up running back into his arms – or legs – and find myself in the same repetitive circle. Am I wrong for repeating history? Is it time to move on?

When you find yourself home for the Holidays, are you quick to jump back into bed with your hometown hottie?


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