HomoCon Pens Angry Op-Ed Over Leather Weekend In DC

L-R stock photo via Depositphotos, conservative gay journalist Brad Polumbo (via Twitter)

Conservative homo journalist Brad Polumbo has penned an op-ed decrying the “degenerate gay community” for celebrating at the annual Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL) in Washington D.C. last weekend.

While Polumbo dined at “a fancy Mexican joint” and then headed home to re-watch HBO’s Game of Thrones, he was apparently appalled that “public displays of debauchery” at MAL was giving us all a bad name and “annihilating what progress we’ve made.”

From his essay in the Washington Examiner:

Many of the events took place at gay bars, and the agenda included events such as “Deviant,” a “circuit party and celebration for queer people of color,” as well as “Sungay,” described as “an outdoor day party with leather aficionados, muscle boys, bears and more.”

This is disgusting. But it’s more than that: It’s eminently harmful to gay progress and acceptance.

Wait – a celebration for queer people of color and a tea party with muscle boys, leather guys and bear sounds ‘disgusting?’ It sounds like a fun time to me.

Polumbo goes on to list why he’s so angry.

First, he thinks it’s “bizarre” for folks to be open about their “sexual kinks and perversions.” And worse, that people “conflate their sexual deviancy with homosexuality.”

The strange thing about that assertion is that in the next breath he admits leather or fetishes aren’t strictly gay flavors writing, “I would argue that these people are no different from heterosexuals with similar perversions, so why the exhibitionism?”

I would ask, “Why the outrage?”

Polumbo claims is that holding events like MAL are “an affront to gay acceptance, they fight for which was actually rooted in an appeal to family values and bourgeois norms.”

Of course, he’s wrong on that point. In reality, the fight for queer rights emerged out of standing up for equal treatment under the law and against discrimination, not “an appeal to family values.”

He closes his diatribe by claiming LGBTQ activists are trying to “sneak debauchery into the gay community’s public image.” And he feels that proudly flaunting “perversion” and conflating it with “all gay people” won’t change the minds of bigots who already say the gays are “immoral.”

Someone should tell Mr. Polumbo that no matter how “boring” (his word) his life might be, anti-LGBTQ bigots are still going to judge him.

Remember, MAL is a series of events behind closed doors that the public pays to get into. It’s not about anyone’s public image or conflating a leather fetish with “all gay people.”

In sharing his op-ed on Twitter (more than a dozen times in less than a day), he whines that “the LGBT ‘community’ has shown me zero kindness” which seems to be more telling than anything.

It sounds like he doesn’t get laid enough so he’s mad at others for having fun? Or for being proud of who they are or what they like?

It’s also notable that if you Google his name, the first hit to come up is another essay he wrote complaining that gays won’t date homo conservatives.

And there you have it.

In any case, the Twitterverse did clap back at the judgmental screed:


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  1. Why change tactics now? What we’ve done for decades has worked. Tired of self hating gays, tired of people wanting to make Pride ‘safe’. Oh, ya wanna bring the kids? Maybe create something specific for them at a special venue, instead of trying to police the rest of the world.


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