Homophobe Says San Francisco Is Trying To Avoid A “Big Gay Apocalypse”

Mark Steyn (screen capture via YouTube)

While guest-hosting The Rush Limbaugh Show on Tuesday, Fox News personality Mark Steyn mocked San Francisco for being one of the first cities to lockdown during the ongoing coronavirus threat saying it’s because “it’s a big gay town” with “all the compromised immune systems.”

“San Francisco has just ordered everyone to shelter in place, just to say, ‘Stay in your apartment,” said Steyn. “Don’t leave your apartment unless you need to go out to a grocery store or to a pharmacy or to a doctor’s.”


With nearly every medical expert in the country in agreement that social distancing and self-isolation are important steps in coping with the ongoing COVID-19 concerns, it seemed as though Steyn wasn’t paying attention to the news.

But no, he was just prepping for his homophobic rant.

“Why is San Francisco the first to do that?” he asked. “Because they’ve got all the gay guys there.”

“It’s a big gay town, San Francisco, and they’re the ones with all the compromised immune systems from all the protease inhibitors and all the other stuff,” continued Steyn. “And they don’t want all the gays dropping dead on the San Francisco mayor’s watch. So that’s why they’ve got all that sheltering in place there.”


“And even if they all dropped dead on the San Francisco mayor’s watch, if there was a big gay apocalypse, you know, the way this thing is going now,” he added. “It would be Trump who would get blamed for it anyway.”

“He’d be — it would be his homophobia that would have struck down all these people in San Francisco,” Steyn concluded. “So that’s why they’ve all been ordered to stay home. And it’s not easy staying home.”

You can listen to the ugly screed via Media Matters below:


As Instinct reported yesterday, medical experts have already announced that HIV+ people on antiretroviral medications who have an undetectable viral load and normal CD4 count are not at any greater risk from COVID-19 than the general population.

But Steyn’s hateful, divisive attacks are nothing new to his audiences.

On January 13, during another guest-hosting gig for Limbaugh, he wondered aloud if former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg was really gay saying Buttigieg looked “like some guy from the accountancy department,” and adding “that’s a very non-gay look.”


But, of course, that’s all stock and trade on the Rush Limbaugh Show. 

During Mayor Pete’s candidacy, Limbaugh often mocked Buttigieg for “loving to kiss his husband on the debate stage” and musing that Donald Trump could “have some fun with that.”

In other appearances, Steyn has questioned if Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was really a woman…? #srsly

And last year, he told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that white supremacists are better than “Illegal immigrants” because at least they’re citizens.

(source: Media Matters)

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  1. All the rapists and sexual assaulters at FOX NEWS (and from what we can gather from past behavior, they ALL ARE) should stick to getting well with psychiatric professionals help and leaving the political punditry to 5 year olds who can do it better. Better and with more of a christian bent and less of a potty mouth.

  2. TRUMPVIRUS is not a sexually transmitted disease. And even if it was, some straight people do actually have regular sex. I know Christians do not, but that’s only because there aren’t enough poolboys and unsupervised children to go around. This dude should go back to his glory hole job and STFU.


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