Homophobes Hacked Passwords Revealed

You already know a gazillion passwords were stolen, as was reported a couple of days ago. Among them had to be the passwords of hateful homophobes, right? Of course right! And Instinct's own reporters have discovered a few for you to enjoy–so feel free to use them to mess with these guys.

Alleged "Family Values of Family-Type Families Who Value Families" CEO Butch McButch's Facebook password is "MrsZacEfron."

"Focus on the Families Who Look Like My Family But Only Like Mine" founder Roger "Stubby" Nobasket uses the password "only1.5inches" for his Grindr account. (Good luck with that!)

And finally, Rev. Andy Swallows of the Church of Focus Values Family Family Something Focus Family uses the password "IdSoDoYourDad" when he goes on Bear411 just before choir practice. (And we're betting "choir practice" is a euphemism, too.)





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  1. Not at all hilarious.The

    Not at all hilarious.The boring, ignorant old "closet case" jokes about bigots passed their expiration date some time before Clinton got into office. If there is to be any time spent on making jokes against people who are becoming fewer in number and more irrelevant to everyday [first world] queerfolk's lives, at least come up with an original theme.


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