Homophobia is Alive and Well in Orange County

Homophobia is alive and well—especially in the part of the United States known as Orange County, California aka the Orange Curtain. This is not just the fantasy land where Mickey Mouse and the Housewives live, it’s also the home of grotesque displays of racism and homophobia that many face on a daily basis regardless of how much progress we are making in the world. It is full of right-wing conservatives with not an ounce of tolerance or respect for other human beings.

Take this recent atrocious display of hate that occurred in Newport Beach at the notable Balboa Inn’s Siena Cucina Italiana where three gay Orange County men were targeted and forcefully removed for being gay. Angel Bonilla, Colton Moyer, and Clement Serafin were visiting Balboa Island on April 13th when a stop to the Italian restaurant turned into a nightmare. According to the lawsuit and the Orange County Register, the friends were instantly faced with hostility from staff. A woman “demanded that (the men) show their respective identification cards because she wanted to create a ruse for refusing to serve them when her real motive was to not serve gay men.”


When they furnished their identification, she immediately suggested that it was fake and even showed it to a bar patron who seconded the notion by saying it was ‘definitely a fake’, the lawsuit says.

Not only were the men being ridiculed for being gay, but it was apparent that this was an outright act of racism because Bonilla is Latino.

After asking to speak with the manager, the woman behind the bar shouted for them to “get out” followed by gay expletives.


The encounter escalated when a man lifted Moyer off a bar stool and pushed him through the restaurant and out the door. Then he went back and grabbed Bonilla shouting “get out” and threw him onto the pavement following with “You’ve been warned!”

Bonilla cried in pain from injuries associated with being thrown onto the ground. You can see the incident unfurl in the graphic videos below.






The Newport Beach Police Department is currently asking for help identifying the suspect who assaulted the men. They posted an official press release:




Instinct is currently awaiting response from Bonilla, Moyer, and Serafin along with the attorney handling the lawsuit, James Bohm.

Now THAT, folks, is the REAL OC!

h/t: Orange County Register

6 thoughts on “Homophobia is Alive and Well in Orange County”

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    Jim bohm has been sleeping with angel since he was 16. Angel is a thief, dates older daddies and steals from them. Everyone knows he scams google MTV angel ebt scam 

  2. I hope you do get them in

    I hope you do get them in court. The attitude of the staff and patrons says it all. 

    I look forward to seeing the restaurant and bar closed very soon. No place for it today! 

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  4. Take them all to court and

    Take them all to court and take the restaurant down.  The food is awful anyway….check out the yelp reviews.  


  5. Sue the establishment..sue

    Sue the establishment..sue the girl that said to ..sue the guy that tossed him.. get them all fired. The only way to make them pay is hitting where it counts. The bank account.

  6. Video evidence is important

    Video evidence is important but why didn’t the guy recording the event call the police immediately? Then the assailant could have been arrested instead of trying to identify him.


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