Homophobic Reality Star Bans Anna Nicole Smith’s Fashion Designer From Father’s Funeral!

Anna Nicole Smith’s Fashion Designer Banned From Father’s Funeral!

You may think that fashion icon, Anna Nicole Smith, had only one fashion designer: Bobby Trendy. Trendy became a household name during the Anna Nicole Show that ran on E! He became infamous as Smith’s fashion designer, rival, and their banter back and forth with one another kept our eyes glued to the screen.

A name you may not be familiar with is Pol Atteu, who was a close friend of Smith’s and designed the gown she was buried in. I have a soft spot for Atteu. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I managed a hair salon in Beverly Hills. Atteu’s fashion boutique was next door to us. I got to chat with him about Smith, read his memoir of life with the acclaimed model, and laughed at his many kooky stories. He befriended me no questions asked. I believe him to be harmless, although the LATimes may not agree.

Now, Atteu is not in the headlines for his designs or recounting tales with Smith. His sister and Real Housewife of Orange County star, Peggy Sulahian, had banned Atteu and his husband, Patrik Simpson, from their father’s funeral.

According to RadarOnline, Sulahian is “extremely homophobic” and denied the husbands access to the funeral.

“Peggy did not even tell her brother that their father was dying, and he did not know until he was already dead. She did not want him coming to see him at the hospital because he is gay and it literally broke her brother’s heart,” a source close to Sulahian said. When Peggy and Pol’s father died, Peggy called him and Patrik and told them not to come to the funeral. She said that her and her family do not want ‘his kind’ there, and that if they did come, they would be kicked out. “Peggy does not accept gays or the gay lifestyle and told her own brother that he and Patrik are not welcome around her kids,” the source continued. Her whole family image is an act. The real sad part about all of this is that Peggy’s mother and father both accepted their son as being gay. She is the one who turned her back on him, and she is terrified that people will find out. The whole situation is just so heartbreaking. The source said Atteu and Simpson arrived to the memorial regardless, though Sulahian’s husband Diko tried to remove them.”

Atteu gave a fast quote to RadarOnline:

“Unfortunately it is all true. She is extremely homophobic and, yes, it is heartbreaking.”

Simpson is taking to Twitter, insisting that Sulahian is indeed homophobic. He is constantly tweeting the story and appears to be very upset. He claims the story to be completely true. On social media, Atteu has retweeted articles recounting the story, which is extremely telling.

What century are we living in?! Sulahian is certainly about to get harsh criticism from this. Could it lead to her department from the Housewives Franchise? It’s obvious BRAVO markets their television to gay audiences. I can’t image this isn’t getting back to their Executives.

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