Honey Davenport Gushes About Yvie Oddly’s Big ‘Talent’: Watch

Credit: YouTube

Yvie Oddly, season 11 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, is also winning in the c**k department according to her castmate Honey Davenport.  

Honey appeared on the latest episode of Hey Qween where she had zero problems talking about Yvie’s big ole wang and also shared an intimate story between them that referenced his large member.

“I love Yvie Oddly,” Honey began during a popular segment of the show called “Look At Huh” where guests spill tea about a bunch of people they personally know. “So here’s the thing. Yvie Oddly has a huge f***ing dick. Like a really big d**k. Like this man is horse hung. When he was painting in soft pink he had put a whole bucket of paint on just his d**k.” Well damn!

“I had been trying to sleep with Yvie since promo week,” Honey continued. “We got really close at one point and it didn’t happen. Then we were at the underwear party on Fire Island together. And I was playing with his d**k and everything. She won? So you know, just doing my due diligence, honoring the crown.” Once again… well damn! 

Honey later confirmed that she still wants to get it in with Yvie at some point. Best of luck to her on making that happen. 



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