“Honey, I Can Be A Queen Or I Can Be A Cowboy”

RuPaul and Tanya Tucker team up for the country music anthem, "This Is Our Country"

RuPaul, the queen of drag, has teamed up with Tanya Tucker, an iconic queen of country music for decades, for the new anthem, “This Is Our Country.”


The song aims to bring folks together from all kinds of points of view including music genres and political perspectives. But the common theme is finding unity and self-empowerment at a time when many only see division across the country.

The lyrics provide the two queens with fun tongue-in-cheek messaging:

“This is our country, ay, ay, ay – When queen is a queen she don’t need no cowboy
This our country, oh-oh oh – Honey, I can be queen or I can be cowboy”

The song also dips a toe in political waters intoning catch phrases from both sides of the political spectrum:


“Love ain’t red, love ain’t blue – love fills the space between me and you
Love is the answer, love always wins – love has the power to be born again”

At first glance, some might be surprised at the two divas pairing up in the studio. But fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race will remember Tucker has a long history with Ru going back to an appearance as a guest judge on RPDR Season 2.

And just last week, folks who tuned in for the finale of All Stars 6 saw the Grammy Award winner drop in for the premiere of the new song. 


While “This Is Our Country” was written by RuPaul, Leland, Freddy Scott & Tom Campbell, in the finale the top four queens were challenged to write and perform original verses for the tune.

In case you missed it, check out the resulting version below.

“The thing is this, RuPaul – I’m the perfect example of not giving up,” said Tucker during the appearance. “Always following, chasing, and running that dream down until you have it.”


And who doesn’t relate to that?

Quick question – is this the first music release from RuPaul where he’s NOT in drag for the cover art?

Let us know what you think about “This Is Our Country” and the two queens teaming-up in the comment section. The song is available for streaming here.

Tanya Tucker and RuPaul team up for new country music anthem 'This Is Our Country'

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