Hooray for Maine Becoming Gender Non-Binary!

In June 2017, a complaint was filed with the Maine Human Rights Commission by Equality Maine President Zack Paakkonen on behalf of Ian-Meredythe Dehne Lindsey after they requested a driver’s license that was listed them as gender non-conforming. When they were denied the request because of computer limitations, Dehne Lindsey they brought it to the attention of Paakkonen.

Now a year later, the State of Maine has issued an announcement that beginning July 2018 the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be offering a non-binary gender designation sticker that can be affixed to current driver’s licenses and identifications. Upon request, individuals can complete a gender designation form and that BMV will provide a sticker that reads “Gender has been changed to X – Non-binary”. Those with current licenses and IDs can request a gender designation sticker by completing the form and affixing it to their card themselves. Gender designation forms will be available at any BMV branch office.

Beginning in July 2019 a system upgrade will be in place and a new design for licenses and IDs will allow for cads to display “M”, “F”, or “X” for gender and stickers will no longer be used.

Maine is the fourth state to adopt this type of policy, following Oregon, California, and Washington. Washington D.C. has also adopted this.

Dehne Lindsey has said to Maine Public:

It’s just a daily challenge and you’re always concerned and there’s that little bit of apprehension and fear of like, ‘OK, I have to show my ID, how is this person going to react based on my gender expression, my gender presentation?’ and how that’s not reflected in my ID at all.

But at the same time it feels really, really amazing to have actual documentation from my state that reflects and represents who I am and that validates my existence.

h/t: Maine Public

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