Hornet Is Bringing Us To The Next Level of Gay Apps With Their Revolutionary Update

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We are currently at an impasse concerning gay apps, but Hornet may have the answer to our gay prayers.

Quite frankly, gay apps are all the same nowadays. The differences between apps are only based on slight design changes and the initial objective of what kind of guy you’re looking for. But, most likely you get the same experience.

On top of that, gay apps are riddled with problems such as veiled and sometimes blatant racism, ageism, stigmatism towards people living with HIV, or body shaming.

But, what can we do to improve our experiences on gay apps? Perhaps, Hornet's new v4.0 has the solution.


Image via Hornet

Long ago, the company behind Hornet expanded their service by creating sites like the pop culture news site Unicorn Booty and the travel site Vespa (years before other apps followed).


But, it’s their latest update the seeks to do something innovative and change the way that Western gay apps think. Hornet’s team wants to essentially put those two content creating sites in the app itself.

The idea is that users will open up the Hornet app on any given day and on top of seeing what cute guys are in their area, they can also find out what’s going on in the world around them.

Users will now be able to click on “Hornet Stories” and “Hornet Places,” and discover a myriad of pop culture and travel content at their fingertips.

“We’re creating a complete social networking ecosystem for the gay community bringing content and connecting together,” said Christof Wittig, Hornet’s CEO and co-founder.


Image via Hornet

This might be a change worth trying out, because, frankly, we need a change.


All apps and programs are electronic mechanisms that we use to fulfill a need. We need entertainment so we download a game app. We need social engagement so we download social media apps.

As the world accepts the gay community more, our needs evolve and we need our apps to evolve too.

We need to not only find men, but to find out what’s going on with gay men around the world, where gay men can travel next, and what other members of our community think about the prior two.

This system of informational content and content sharing can bring back the humanity in these gay apps. Clearly we don't just need updates to gay app formats. We need an update to the mentality behind gay apps, and Hornet thinks it's figured that out.


Image via Hornet

“The gay community has been sorely lacking in breaking news and cultural information relevant to today’s world,” said Sean Howell, Hornet’s president and co-founder. “Bringing two editorial brands into the Hornet family completely upends the way a typical gay social network functions and how the gay community can and will consume news. Now, instead of simply asking the cliché ‘looking?’ users can leverage what they’re reading as conversation starters. We’ve evolved into a hub where gay men can hunt for meaningful connections while staying informed.”

Updates for v4.0 have already started rolling out to help make your iOS, Android, and web experience a lot gayer and a lot more like the future.

Hopefully, this is will bring a good and much needed change.

13 thoughts on “Hornet Is Bringing Us To The Next Level of Gay Apps With Their Revolutionary Update”

  1. As far as I can tell, you’re

    As far as I can tell, you're pitching Hornet for now including news articles that can be read right in the app, competing with other plentiful resources for gay news that already exist–in direct competition with Instinct, among others. It's strange that an article in a gay news and lifestyles magazine pretends that a source of gay news and lifestyle info is a monumental new development.

  2. This would be great if it

    This would be great if it were structured to encourage participation in the content creation. I'm still waiting for a gay app that combines geolocation (as in grindr) with personal blogging (as in facebook) with selective interaction (as in tinder). If I could look around at the memes, links, photos, rants, and public-facing (or at least, gay-public-facing) conversations going on in my immediate vicinity and interact on a localized but not necessarily individualized basis… that would keep the app sexy but facilitate deeper conversations and connections. 

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  4. Ok, all well and good. How

    Ok, all well and good. How about also adding a feature that would make it FAR MORE DIFFICULT for under aged boys to create false and misleading profiles? Like, some kind of secure age verification…like some portion of a DL number or SSN? Too many times under aged users engage with legit adults only to go back later and try to extort money from them or have them risk some kind of exposure. Misrepresentation leading to entrapment leading to extortion….age verification is very much needed. 

  5. Yes, because what gay men

    Yes, because what gay men need now is more ways to surround themselves in gay bubbles gay gay gay twink jock and not get out into the larger world and interact with it as normal, well-adjusted, socially versatile people gay gay HIV bear. 


    Ugh. Seriously. Enough  is enough.

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  7. so no bi guys? why only talk

    so no bi guys? why only talk about gay this and that? These sorts of gay-only discussions are the type of thing that excludes the rest of the LGBTQ+. Anonymous'  stupid response to wokecisgaydude is one of the many problems with "gay culture". Where is Hornet's response??

  8. Uh… this doesn’t sound

    Uh… this doesn't sound revolutionary. People already read gay news, how is this any different and more likely to start conversations? It sounds like it will help 1% or 2% in starting conversations, at most. Add in a simple pedagogic game where users can play against or with each other while also learning something. That will open up interaction and also be an alternative from the mindless games people join other apps for, the ones designed to get people hooked just for the designers' profit or ego boost.

    • I think the way we

      I think the way we implemented is indeed revolutionary because you can see who else liked a story and hence you can use this as a conversation starter.  It shifts the selection and conversation from being a meat market to spurning more meaningful connections, and once you follow one another, to also stay in touch. Try it out and let us know how we can further improve. 

      – Christof @chrissf on Hornet

  9. This article addresses ageism

    This article addresses ageism and racism, but I notice there is absolutely no mention of transphobia here. This is a huge reason why there is so much vitriol against gay CISGENDER men. We are continually the face of the LGBTQIA community and we are every bit as disgusting as Trump and the sods that voted for him. We are racist. We are sexist. We constantly body-shame people. And we are the most transphobic filth.

    Remember who started the Stonewall riots. Not us. Transgender women of color started it.

    Remember who stepped in and took care of gay men who were dying in the 80s and 90s from HIV/AIDS. Not us, and definitely not our families. Lesbians did that.

    So until gay cis men are going to acknowledge the transphobia running rampant through our ranks and stop treating our transgender brothers with the same love you narcissist turds have for yourselves, I want no part of this "community."

    • HAHAHA. I love that you refer

      HAHAHA. I love that you refer to yourself as "CIS"…..another retarded MADE-UP term invented by the radical left. And none of the shit you're saying about Stonewall is true. And who are you to say I didn't take care of anyone dying from AIDS? I took care of my best friend as he died of AIDS. And show me a "bisexual" man who leaves his boyfriend to cheat with a female and I'll consider believing the lie that is known as bisexuality. And stop trying to associate gender confusion with homosexuality. They are not related in the least. In fact, most trannies will tell you they are straight, only born in the "wrong body." Like gay people don't have enough to deal with without bringing in these circus freaks to stand under the alphabet soup banner with us. 

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  11. Can’t they just say “gay

    Can't they just say "gay people" or "gay men"? I don't live in community with other gay men as in a bubble separate from the rest of the world to be called "community".


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