Hornet Is Bringing Us To The Next Level of Gay Apps With Their Revolutionary Update

Image via Hornet and Jacob Ufkes on Unsplash

We are currently at an impasse concerning gay apps, but Hornet may have the answer to our gay prayers.

Quite frankly, gay apps are all the same nowadays. The differences between apps are only based on slight design changes and the initial objective of what kind of guy you’re looking for. But, most likely you get the same experience.

On top of that, gay apps are riddled with problems such as veiled and sometimes blatant racism, ageism, stigmatism towards people living with HIV, or body shaming.

But, what can we do to improve our experiences on gay apps? Perhaps, Hornet's new v4.0 has the solution.

Image via Hornet

Long ago, the company behind Hornet expanded their service by creating sites like the pop culture news site Unicorn Booty and the travel site Vespa (years before other apps followed).

But, it’s their latest update the seeks to do something innovative and change the way that Western gay apps think. Hornet’s team wants to essentially put those two content creating sites in the app itself.

The idea is that users will open up the Hornet app on any given day and on top of seeing what cute guys are in their area, they can also find out what’s going on in the world around them.

Users will now be able to click on “Hornet Stories” and “Hornet Places,” and discover a myriad of pop culture and travel content at their fingertips.

“We’re creating a complete social networking ecosystem for the gay community bringing content and connecting together,” said Christof Wittig, Hornet’s CEO and co-founder.

Image via Hornet

This might be a change worth trying out, because, frankly, we need a change.

All apps and programs are electronic mechanisms that we use to fulfill a need. We need entertainment so we download a game app. We need social engagement so we download social media apps.

As the world accepts the gay community more, our needs evolve and we need our apps to evolve too.

We need to not only find men, but to find out what’s going on with gay men around the world, where gay men can travel next, and what other members of our community think about the prior two.

This system of informational content and content sharing can bring back the humanity in these gay apps. Clearly we don't just need updates to gay app formats. We need an update to the mentality behind gay apps, and Hornet thinks it's figured that out.

Image via Hornet

“The gay community has been sorely lacking in breaking news and cultural information relevant to today’s world,” said Sean Howell, Hornet’s president and co-founder. “Bringing two editorial brands into the Hornet family completely upends the way a typical gay social network functions and how the gay community can and will consume news. Now, instead of simply asking the cliché ‘looking?’ users can leverage what they’re reading as conversation starters. We’ve evolved into a hub where gay men can hunt for meaningful connections while staying informed.”

Updates for v4.0 have already started rolling out to help make your iOS, Android, and web experience a lot gayer and a lot more like the future.

Hopefully, this is will bring a good and much needed change.

What do you think?