Hot As Hell: Tom Ellis Shows Gorgeous Bum on ‘Lucifer’

The marketing campaign for season one of Lucifer (back when it was on network TV) used the slogan “Hot As Hell.” These screen grabs from season four deliver on that promise in spades. 

Lucifer used to be on Fox. Now, it’s on Netflix, where there’s a lot more nudity and swearing. Thank goodness. Or, thank Satan. Thank WHOMEVER we should thank for these fiery screen grabs. We get a great look at drop-dead gorgeous Welsh star Tom Ellis‘s muscle butt. It’s pretty much a masterpiece of a donk. 

Here’s a sneak preview of the sexy snaps, which OMG Blog drew our attention to. 

Ellis played Robin Hood on Once Upon a Time. He played the voice of Oscar Wilde on an episode of Family Guy.

He recently got engaged to TV producer Meaghan Oppenheimer. Damn it!  

For the uncensored Hot as Hell pics, go to OMG Blog


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