Hot Gay Men in Speedos Are No Longer Safe!

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Are you a fan of horror films?

It’s no secret that queer characters are used as quirky cannon fodder in scary movies, but independent film-maker Roger Conners is working diligently to break that stereotype. Conners made a career out of playing gay characters in over 20 horror flicks, and recently he’s honed his skills as a director. His first feature-length film, Rebirth – a Night of the Living Dead remake, even saw the iconic role of (“They’re Coming to Get You”) Barbara replaced with a gay character.


Conners is currently working on his next directing adventure with a slasher film simply titled Meat

The most popular gay slasher film – that features gay characters and a queer psychopath – is 2014’s Hellbent, but unless you’re familiar with the campy, softcore porn films of David DeCoteau, it’s difficult to find a movie like Meat in the modern market. And in this case, Conners is ready to ramp up the visual orgasms with color, effects and a whole lot of skin!

Watch the concept trailer for Meat:


Reminds you a little bit of American Horror Story, doesn’t it? 

Roger says on the development of Meat:

Since 2016, I’ve been working on a script for an LGBTQ+ themed slasher entitled MEAT. Due to the context, I was always scared that there wouldn’t be an audience for it. That I was unique in my being a horror fan and being queer. That nobody would get it. But today in 2022, I know that’s not the case. I have met so many devoted, diehard horror fans who identify as part of the beautiful queer community. It makes so much sense. Horror so often focuses on the outcast or the underdog. The one who finds the strength inside themself to rise up against an embodiment of evil and somehow, someway manages to persevere.


Synopsis: A wild night of drugs and debauchery results in the fatal overdose of an underage gay man and innocent bystander are left to take the blame. Upon his release from prison five years later, a group of queer individuals associated with the death become the targets of an eccentric killer’s revenge.

Confirmed cast members include Katelynn Newberry, Rachel Anderson, Cody Steele, Matt Kane, Hussein Hassan, Haley Lynn Rose, Anthony Covatta, Angelia Green, George Tutie, Margaret Harper Jenkins and writer/director Roger Conners himself. 

This upcoming film is scheduled to begin principal photography in October 2022. An Indiegogo campaign was recently launched to help secure extra funding. By donating to this campaign, you can earn perks such as signed posters, associate producer credit and tickets to the movie premiere. Click here to donate.

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  1. Sounds interesting I’m always down for a movie or tv show about gay men. I’ll be donating some money, hope it gets made.


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