Is This What It’s Like To Have A ‘Hot Homo Summer?’

Images via YouTube @Michael Henry

The latest Hot Homo Summer episode is out.

The third installment in YouTube comedian Michael Henry’s latest web series has dropped. The series, titled Hot Homo Summer, sees a fun and fictionalized version of Henry trying to live his best life now that he’s vaccinated. Now that the world is opening up and seeming a little brighter, who doesn’t want to party and make out with a hot guy? Well even if we don’t vocalize it, Henry is here to do it for us!


In the latest video of the series, we see Michael Henry hanging out with Chris Renfro and Chad Westbrook. The two are staples on Henry’s YouTube channel (and this series) and we’re happy to see them yet again. The two gloat about getting their grooves back while Henry simmers over having a boring summer. He then goes to meet up with Pete Zias, another frequent face, and gets a look at how the other half lives.

The full cast for the episode includes Michael Henry, Chris Renfro, Chad Westbrook, Pete Zias, Tim Murray, Teddy Bear, and Don Castor. In addition, Michael Henry wrote and co-directed the episode. Paul McGovern Jr. filled the other co-direction credit as well as the roles of director of photography and editor. Meanwhile, Rachel Stokes worked as the production assistant.

Only two more episodes left in Hot Homo Summer. What do you think will happen next?

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