‘Hot Ways To Die’ Features Queer Horror Shorts Perfect for Halloween!

Queer film director João Dall’Stella has been dropping queer horror short videos under the series ‘Hot Ways To Die’, and they are the perfect thing to watch for the spooky season!

(c) Instagram: @joaodallstella

The Halloween special is described as “sexy, steamy, and funny video portraits” to “celebrate queer horror in the most unique way.” ‘Hot Ways To Die’ is composed of seven short videos, including Through a Hole, Don’t Drop The Towel!, Smiling!, In the Steam Room, During Climax, Getting Eaten Alive, and In the Shower.


Not to mention, the series presents an all-queer cast, which includes: Alex Honrato in Through a Hole and In the Shower, Ty Chen in Don’t Drop The Towel!, Davi Stefond in During Climax, and Michael Lyons in Getting Eaten Alive and In the Steam Room.

In an interview via a press release, João opened up about his experience coming out of the closet, and how it can be similar to watching a horror movie.

“For years, I was afraid of being queer and coming out of the closet. It took me a while to realize that living authentically means letting go of that fear. It’s similar to watching a scary movie – when you face your fear, there’s a sense of relief and excitement about what’s next,” he stated.

The Brazilian writer and director further expressed,


“Embrace your true darkness. As queer people, we fight a constant battle every day of our lives. I want everyone to know how powerful they are and that being ourselves authentically is the most important thing in our lives.”

Moreover, ‘Hot Ways To Die’ is set to be released from October 20 to October 31 on João’s Instagram and TikTok accounts. As of this writing, Through a Hole, Don’t Drop The Towel!, and Smiling! have been released, and you can watch them below:


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