Hot Weatherman Alex Beresford Drags Piers Morgan & Goes Viral!

By now, you have all seen the marvelous takedown of big mouth Brit journalist Piers Morgan today on Good Morning Britain by hottie weatherman Alex Beresford. If you haven’t watched the clip yet, you can check it out below. For now, let me give you the backstory.


For the past couple of years, Piers Morgan has been notoriously bashing Meghan Markle in the British media, criticizing her for her outspokenness against the royal family, whom he considers to be his close personal friends. Many viewers of the show Good Morning Britain have often spoken about how Morgan’s ridicule of Markle was nothing short of nasty bullying. It was nonstop, blatantly misogynistic, and racist in tone.

Everything came to a head, of course, after Orpah’s explosive interview on Sunday night in which Meghan and Harry, in no uncertain terms, claimed they were facing racism within the royal family due to Meghan’s African heritage.

Morgan viciously went after Markle again on the air the next day, calling her a liar and a fraud on his morning show. However, this time, the public had enough, and he found himself getting dragged all over the internet for his constant, very pointed harassment of the Duchess – the first person of color to marry into the royal family.

One of the voices to push back was Morgan’s co-anchor, Alex Beresford. Live, on the air; he sternly admonished Morgan for his treatment of Markle -past and present. Beresford, who like Markle is of bi-racial heritage, remained calm yet direct, as he brilliantly called Morgan out. Infamously Morgan walked off the show as Beresford continued to call him “pathetic” and “diabolical.”


And just like that, Alex Beresford started trending on social media as the clip went viral, and everyone wanted to know who this man was who had just faced off so fearlessly with a TV titan. The more people searched him and checked out his social media pages; it became apparent, not only is he a good man who stands up to bullies, but he’s also hot!


I don’t usually ogle over straight men, but I’m going to make an exception here. When the 40-year-old divorced father of one is not verbally smacking down Piers Morgan on the air, Beresford works out, is very active, cute, sexy, funny, charismatic, and does a mean hula-hoop.

He’d be an awesome gay if it weren’t for the whole straight thing but I won’t hold it against him.


But alas, based on my Twitter feed, Beresford in one day gained a whole new legion of followers; whether he’ll care or not that those followers may be mostly gay men remains to be seen.

In any event, in the meantime, follow Alex on IG & enjoy!

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  1. No. The public has not “had enough.” Rather they are not stupid, and can appreciate a man’s body without agreeing with his nonsense, or giving him power of attorney. Sorry Corey, that’s you, not us…


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