Hottie Robby Hart Scores With His Infectious Dance/Pop Debut Single

Out singer/songwriter Robby Hart (image via Instagram)

Out singer/songwriter Robby Hart scores with his totally infectious debut single, “The Song of the Summer,” that bounces like a boss complete with a sassy sax line and global dance sound.

The top-shelf production (hearing hints of Tiesto and Kygo here) offers a buoyant soundscape for Hart’s fresh and effusive vocals recalling summer memories of what once was and how we all want our “song of the summer.”


Hart had been gaining traction on his solo project spending the past year opening for national acts but 2020 brought that trajectory to a halt and, like most people, found himself with some unscheduled time off.

That alone time led to…”The Song of the Summer.”

Instinct recently chatted with the handsome artist about the genesis of the song plus a few other things along the way.

Instinct Magazine: “The Song of the Summer” totally captures that ebullient sense of fun and freedom during summer. Did you have a specific sound in mind going into writing and producing the song?


Robby Hart: The writing of it was quick. Like 15 minutes. I had an original beat I cut the vocal on a while back. But it didn’t seem like the right “home” for the song. I wanted something familiar yet fresh at the same time. So I worked with this amazing producer remotely out of London. To give some subtle tones of unity, I wanted it to sound a bit global as well. So I think collaborating across continents hopefully helped contribute to that.

IM: What do you do outside of music that contributes to your creativity?

RH: Great question! Hmmm…prior to the pandemic I loved to travel. On tour when possible I would add an extra day onto my travel to actually experience the city I’m in. I love listening to stories about people that are unlike myself. Sans travel I’ve really been into podcasts lately…Maybe it’s subconsciously replacing that feeling of social connection in some way? Heh.


IM: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

RH: Show people how you want to be treated in life, and you live your life for you. Not anyone else.

IM: What’s next on the horizon?

RH: More music! Lots and lots of new music is coming out soon, stay tuned! 


“The Song of the Summer” is now available on all streaming/digital download sites. You can follow Robby on Instagram here.

In addition to his new single, Hart has curated a most excellent Spotify playlist titled – what else? – “The Songs of the Summer.”



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