How an Emoji Can Make a Difference for the Trans Community

You might be wondering why you have been seeing the lobster emoji more and more lately. The According to the Press Herald, this is the response to the efforts by Lobsters Against Transphobia, a British transgender activist group that launched an online petition to urge Unicode to create a pink and blue flag emoji. The pink and blue flag is one of the most prominent symbols for transgender lives and the lack of representation of trans folks in the media is still disheartening. By creating the petition, Lobsters Against Transphobia aims to bring awareness to this issue and to spread love to the trans community.


A lobster can possess both male and female characteristics, making it the basis for choosing this symbol. You can join the movement by using the lobster emoji and using the hashtag #ClawsOutForTrans and definitely by signing the petition HERE.







h/t: Press Herald,

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