How Bad Were Trump’s First 100 Days For The US LGBT Community?

We didn't need to wait 100 days to realize the relationship between the LGBT community and Donnie isn't a good one.  But at this time, it looks like we can't end something most of us didn't choose, so instead let's evaluate the past with the facts at hand.

"One hundred days of Trump translates into 100 days of erasure for the LGBTQ community," GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis told NBC News. "From the Census exclusion, to rescinding Obama's guidance for trans youth in schools, and lack of any LGBTQ mentions on the White House website, he has spent the early days of his administration trying to remove us from the very fabric of this country, and we must resist."

But while some have characterized the Trump administration as the most overtly anti-LGBTQ in history, others see hints of promise in Trump's early statements of support for LGBTQ rights. Joseph R. Murray, the founder of LGBTrump on Facebook, told NBC News that Trump's first 100 days "proves that he is an ally to the LGBT community," and said he thinks the president will continue to negotiate the issues.

"We must recognize that in a post-marriage-equality America, the rights of LGBT Americans must be balanced against the religious liberties of conservatives. This is how a civilized society works," Murray said. "I look for the president to protect LGBT Americans from discrimination, while respecting the religious liberties of other Americans, and that is not a bad thing."

Trump has received some flak for what critics say is a lack of concrete action in the first 100 days — for example, he hasn't gotten any major legislation passed — but when it comes to LGBTQ discourse, his impact has been as loud as an air raid siren. NBC News looks back at the early months of the Trump administration as seen through the eyes of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Americans. –

The peeps over at elaborated on each major incident on their site from his inauguration until now.

Human Rights Campaign summarized the first 100 days of Trump with the following video.



Out friend Matt Baume also summarized Trump, but also showed us a little of what is up next due to the decisions and appointments Donnie has made.

We'll hit 100 days of the Trump presidency on April 29. And in that time, he's actually accomplished a lot as it relates to LGBT Americans. Unfortunately, everything he's accomplished is very very bad.

Here's Matt's First 100 Days: How President Trump Has Impacted LGBTQ Rights



Are we being to harsh on The Donald? 

Looking back on Trump's own words, the 100 days are a true milestone, a measure of a new president's success and progression. Is it still a fair assessment?

Are there any positives from his first 100 days?

h/t:, Matt Baume, Human Rights Campaign

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