How Big Is Magnum Big?

When you see your hook-up pull out that Magnum condom wrapper, do you think:

A)  How lucky am I!  Jackpot!

B)  How lucky is he!

C)  This is not going to be pleasant.

D)  Is that really the size he needs?

A recent post on says, although A, B, and C may be true, we should be thinking about the D. 

We've all dated that guy who claimed he needed XL condoms and have wanted to say, "Dave, I've seen you naked. No, you don't, and that's OK." Hopefully the last time we dated a guy who bragged about his imagined penis size like that, we were 18, but sadly, sometimes it still happens. 

So how large does his penis have to be to need an XL condom? Well, The Condom Depot Learning Center (which provides a fit guide on their site for pretty much every brand of condom you could imagine) found that the average XL condom is 2.25 inches wide and 8.1 inches in length, Metro UK reports.

Small condoms are on average 1.75 inches wide and 6.3 inches long, and regular/average condoms are usually about the same length, with an occasionally varying width. 

So are you Magnum wearers wearing the right sleeping bag?  A Magnum isn't going to make your rocket bigger.  Make sure you get the right fit for your ride.

That said, all of the men who want to claim they need a much larger condom (which can be risky because if the condom is too big, it could slide off) should know that numerous studies have been done to find out what women really think about penis size and it's probably different than what they imagine. In one recent study on what men think is average for a man's penis size (which, FYI, is about 5.2 inches) and what women think is average, women thought the average was about 5.4 inches and men thought it was about 5.5 inches, so they were both close, but men assumed it should be larger than women did. also polled 1,100 readers (96 percent women, 4 percent men, between the ages of 18 and 34) in 2015 and found that 56 percent of the the respondents guessed their partner's penis size was average and only 3 percent thought it was "very large." Even more noteworthy, 89 percent of them said they weren't concerned about their (typically average, according to respondents) partner's penis size at all. 

So lesson learned, unless your guy is absolutely sure he's packing some serious junk, he's totally normal and should wear a condom that fits, for everyone's benefit, because most women don't care.  –

And yes, we've seen boys that have a hard time even fitting into a Magnum because they are too big.  In that case, we should be thinking about option E which may stand for Emergency Room.

What are your thoughts? Are these measurements right?


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6 thoughts on “How Big Is Magnum Big?”

  1. Most ex large men don’t

    Most ex large men don't advert since they don't want chasers to beg to see.  I've seen some very long and some very thick penii but rarely do you see both length and girth on same person. 

    I say if you know your very uncomfortable in the regular try an ex large. Trojan even makes a contour xl condom which has a bigger diameter at top of condom. Try it out. But please use the correct lubricant since oil based lubes destroy latex.  


  2. Why are we obsessed with size

    Why are we obsessed with size?  It's what is attached to the size that matters.

    • If a 2 inch boy tries to wear

      If a 2 inch boy tries to wear a magnum, it ain't gonna work.  Hence the obsession with size.

  3. I dated this boy once for a

    I dated this boy once for a few months in 1999 who carried a magnum condom in his wallet. I had just come out at 25, he was 19, and I didn't know what that was even but I guess he showed it to my friend at a party and my friend told me it meant he had big dick.  Well we never used the condom anyway, but it probably wouldn't have fit.  Plus he could go for hours and stay hard as steel the whole time.  I still talk to him sometimes but now he likes to bottom!  I've usually gotten magnum boyfriends by chance, and after attending multiple foam parties, orgies, and sex clubs most guys are average 5" and that's fine too!  

  4. Even us average length guys

    Even us average length guys sometimes prefer a Magnum for girth issues. Never had a problem with slippage. #notrumphandshere

  5. Remember when Michael Moore

    Remember when Michael Moore pulled that prank on TVNation when he sent the guy in to a drug-store to ask for small condoms?

    fyi "Contour fit" is crypto for 5" or less,  I once tried to use one and it was like a tourniquet!


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