How Broward County FL Told Tallahassee FU!

The Broward County (Florida) commission voted yesterday–unanimously, thank you–to support same-sex marriage. Cool, yes? Of course, yes…

…but wait, there's more!


The ALSO voted to look into ways they can withhold funds from Florida's Attorney General that would be used by the state to fight same-sex marriage. The county commissioners are opposed to wasting taxpayers' money fighting gay marriage.

Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter said, "We want to show that opposition not just by submitting a resolution, but by withholding our donor county dollars that are quite frankly right now going to Tallahassee to fund this appeal process with which we are adamantly opposed."

If you'd like to send the commissioners some love (cuz you know they're also getting sh*t from conservatives), you can click here, and scroll down to County Commissioners.


4 thoughts on “How Broward County FL Told Tallahassee FU!”

  1. This is a fantastic strategy.

    This is a fantastic strategy. I've said it before and I'll say it again South Florida is so open to diversity and welcoming all walks of life while North Florida holds onto it's "we hate everybody who isn't like us" mentality. And it's Our tax dollars going to support Their mentality. So-we'll hit 'Em where it hurts. In the pocket. 

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  3. Thank you so much!! You will

    Thank you so much!! You will help so many move forward with a incredible loving committed life. Thanks From Dallas Texas Glen Head    WOOP WOOP  Im going to spend money in Florida.


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