How did we miss Nick Jonas having sex? Oh, we don’t have DirecTV.

We've seen him grab his crotch, identify other men's bulges, and emerge all shiny from a lake.  Oh and he sings, too, I think. 


Well, three days ago DirecTV gave us a little taste of what Nick is like in the bedroom.  Like I said, how did we miss this?  These are definitely NSFW, but have a peek if you wish.  Of course you want to.  Just picture the girl isn't there and all will be fine. 

So no, I didn't post the Vines here of the scene.  For those, you will have to go to Gossip Cop.   Enjoy! 

Besides seeing Nick Jonas having sex, what else is Kingdom about and how fast can I get DirecTV?

Jonas plays a mixed-martial arts fighter on Kingdom, and revealed during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live that he “just did a lot of nudity” for the show.

“There was like three or four sex scenes,” he said.

Kingdom, from Byron Balasco and Endemol Studios, debuted on October 8.

The one-hour drama “is a story about family, loyalty, ambition, glory, lust, betrayal and the raw-nerve needs and desires that inspire people to greatness or drive them to unthinkable treachery,” according to the description.

The series is set in Venice, California and features a number of MMA fighters.

Jonas plays Nate, the youngest son of Alvey “King” Kulina (Frank Grillo, Homefront), a top fighter who has a gym. Jonathan Tucker (Parenthood) plays Jay, Alvey’s eldest son.

The series airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on the Audience Network. –  Zachary Stieber, Epoch Times

12 thoughts on “How did we miss Nick Jonas having sex? Oh, we don’t have DirecTV.”

  1. That was the only gay scene

    That was the only gay scene other than a quick episode-ending"implied" blowjob fully-clothed last season or the season before and his gf finding grindr on his phone, but that was downplayed too.  I've been watching this show from the onset, and the "gay" is few and far between.  There is lots of hetero sex, lots of drugs, and they like to say fuck a lot.  I've found myself pretty drawn into it though.  It's good.  The older man whose party this sex scene happened at is paying Nick(Nate) big$ to be his "trainer" I think and Nick(Nate) was drugged when this happened and he got really pissed when he found out what happened, but the money is too good, so it could finally start getting a little more "gay".  The guy in the sex scene is not the "sugar daddy".  He watched. 🙂

  2. Those with pure hearts will

    Those with pure hearts will be allowed in heaven, guess who won't be there. LOL! Hate comes from Satan. TFD go back to him! devil

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  4. Why are these religious

    Why are these religious zealots who themselves are going to hell, trolling gay websites? Hmmm Probably because they're gay?

  5. It’s common knowledge that

    It's common knowledge that the most vocal critics of gays are people with sexual identity issues themselves. It's a self hatred thing. So, I don't let their drivel bother me.  

  6. I so thank Buddha for Canada.

    I so thank Buddha for Canada. Our government considers hate against gays to be lumped in with terrorism. There is new legislation pushing through that will make anti-gay comments in chat rooms a hate crime. They love us here. And they talk to your anti terrorism people, and share addresses and IP addresses. A Kafka knock will come at your door, hater.

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  8. well first of all, People

    well first of all, People like the guy who said stuff about fag* is what's wrong with this world! I am sure you are divorced twice and have three kids with two different woman I think two men or two woman loving one another, is allot more tolerant of god then people who talk bad of others

  9. The lead editorial in the new

    The lead editorial in the new MacLeans contains a spelling mistake. And they are the best at what they do.Amongst us writers.

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  11. Okay, guys at Instinct,

    Okay, guys at Instinct, seriously, don't you have a little thing called "Grammar Check"?  Where's your editing staff?  "Immerge all shiny from a lake" . . . Immerge is "to plunge into or immerse" oneself – the correct word here is "EMERGE".  

    Okay, now that I have THAT out of my system – Frankly, I don't think I have ever heard any of the Jonas Brothers' music.  I wasn't terribly impressed with him when he played Marius in whatever version of "Les Miserables" he was in.  But as the creepy computer hacker on "Hawaii Five-O", he definitely gave me chills (oh, and the eye candy wasn't bad either, of course).  Naturally, I must check this out, just to see if it's actually worth watching . . . 😉

    • Thanks for the homophone

      Thanks for the homophone check, JCRascal.  Grammar check option on word doesn't catch those things.  My bad.

      I agree about the music.  I don't recall anything he or his brothers have done.  I usually like good songs instead of good performers and nothing comes to mind.

      • Thanks for getting back so

        Thanks for getting back so quickly, Adam.  And to all those hounds out there who bitch about the "Grammar-Nazis" – this is how one handles a flub.  Actually, I honestly let most things like this go by, but sometimes .,, As copy editing IS part of my real-life job, egregious errors do demand my attention.  Otherwise, to you AND your colleagues, Adam, keep up the good work.  Now, off am I to see the pilot episode of "Kingdom" ,..


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