How Many of These Men Helped You with Your Sexual Awakening?

Photo Credit: Ryan Phillippe in ABC’s Secrets and Lies

I don’t think the glossy coating from the pages of magazines like J-14, Teen Beat and Bop have completely washed off my hands. Worse, I think I still remember their smell!

Growing up gay in the ’90s was difficult for a number of reasons – mostly because technology couldn’t bring porn to your bedroom on demand yet and substantial gay characters were still laughingstock and barely featured in film and television. If you wanted to make googly eyes at attractive men in your age category without the fear of getting found out, you purchased magazines like the ones listed above and pretended you were looking at the girls’ pictures. 

Fortunately, we all grew up and none of us are teens anymore. So, here’s a look at some of our favorite 90’s heartthrobs as they stand today. 

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1. Mario Lopez – Slater in Saved by the Bell

2. Ben Savage – Cory in Boy Meets World 

3. Barry Watson – Matthew in 7th Heaven 

4. Darius McCrary – Eddie in Family Matters

5. Ryan Phillippe – Sebastian in Cruel Intentions 

6. Joey Lawrence – Joey in Blossom 

7. Neil Patrick Harris – Doogie in Doogie Howser, M.D.

8. David Boreanaz – Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

9. James Van Der Beek – Dawson in Dawson’s Creek 

10. Brian Austin Green – David in Beverly Hills, 90210

11. Rider Strong – Shawn in Boy Meets World 

12. Nick Carter – 1/5 of Backstreet Boys 

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