How Much Does The Naked Cowboy Make A Year?

I haven't seen the man myself, but he is a well known attraction of NYC.  But after watching this, maybe we should get our boots and undies and head off to a big city near you.



In 1998, Robert John Burck flew to California to do a photo shoot with Playgirl magazine. He went on the beach in jeans and a flannel shirt. The photographer suggested he go out in just his underwear. “I did it, went out in my underwear and made over $100,” he says.

“I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Burck says he was performing in Times Square for three years before he took any money for his performances. But soon after he started accepting tips, being the Naked Cowboy became a very big business; he’s even a spokes-cowboy for an oyster company. The Naked Cowboy spent some time with MONEY explaining all the financial angles of being the Naked Cowboy. Here’s what he has to say. –





So are you ready to make 6 figures while hanging around in your undies?



2 thoughts on “How Much Does The Naked Cowboy Make A Year?”

  1. There are people who can wear

    There are people who can wear long hair and people who can not. He definitely looks better with the short hair.

  2. My best friend and I were

    My best friend and I were crossing 45th Street to meet a friend for lunch at Junior's.  It was a chilly January day in 2014.  He was walking ahead of his.  It was fascinating to see him walking to the parking ramp wearing what he wears. His body was covered in goosebumps.  We had winter coats zipped up. All I could think was that I hoped he didn't get pneumonia!


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