How much was Bombshell looking for on Kickstarter? Was over $150K in the first 8 hours enough?

It was life altering when SMASH left our televisions.  Okay, it wasn't life altering, but it was a setback in my weekly television viewing pleasure.  When I heard the unbelievable news that BOMBSHELL was going to be a one night only performance this summer on Broadway, I thought nothing better could happen to the story.  Making it on Broadway from television?  With one showing, it's not going to rival SPAMALOT or other TV inspired musicals, but it is still something I want to see. 

To fund the project the production company created a Kickstarter was formed asking for $50,000 in donations.  With 28 days remaining, the fund has reached over $229,000.  That's a whopping 458% of what they were asking for and $150,000 of that was received within the first 8 hours.  See, I'm not the only crazy fan out there.

With that money, couldn't they do more than one night?  Could we see it become something that could last through a couple of nights?  A week?  What would it take to see more of BOMBSHELL?  More importantly, does anyone have the ability to get me some presale orchestra tickets?

 If you still want to fund the Kickstarter, you can go here.  Donations will still be received, but there are no more Reward Packages remaining, except for a $10.00 donation where you will receive a free bumper sticker.  Other packages did include items like:

Receive a commemorative Bombshell baseball hat

One-year "Friend" level Actors Fund membership

Bombshell show poster

A copy of the the commemorative Bombshell program

4 passes to attend part of the rehearsal on the day of the event

4 VIP center orchestra tickets to see the show

4 passes for the VIP Cast Party

Photo with members of the cast


Since they are approaching the 500% mark of their fundraising campaign, what will the "extra money" go toward?  Head on over to to get more information on production as well as funding and if it will be performed as the true BOMBSHELL musical.  To see a partial list of who will star in the one night only performance, go to this article.  I'd tell you here, but I don't want to spoil anything.

So I missed out on this opportunity to get my foot in the door first, but if you do find yourself with an extra invite or ticket, let me know.  There will be tickets available to the general public on April 14th with the presale date of April 13th.  I'm setting up an Outlook Calendar reminder right now!

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